Wednesday, May 26, 2010


She loves babies.
and I love her.
she is so careful with them, talks to them, comforts them.
I love to watch.
Its hard, i'm realizing to have a "baby of the family"
i was ALWAYS on top of things with the other ones.
but i have to confess....she still has a bottle.
sippy charlee? No, dank you mom, don't wan it.
Ok, charlee.
Here's your ba ba!
{rolling my eyes at myself}
she is my BLUE EYED GIRL! love her.
excited for this weekend.
many fun things planned as Im sure you do too.
If you want a CUPCAKE, Vintage Cupcake Co. will have its doors open while she bakes all day on go visit and go try her yummy-ness...
the address is:
470 24th street
Autumn and Jax were playing hide and seek and jax was in the bathroom counting.....
and this is what I heard.
"One Mister Sippi"
"Two Mister Sippi's"
"Three Mister Sippi's"
"Four Mister Sippi's"
Ha Ha Ha Ha!
I love all these memories....
and a friend of mine told me about BLURB.COM that prints your blog out into a book.
so im going to print out the past two years of my blog into a book....
what a GREAT memory to have for our family.
I hope i can continue and have MANY books to print as keepsakes. :)
all the GOOD, bad and EVIL!


Kari and Parker said...

I printed my blog out this past Christmas.. It was about 2 yrs worth and gave it to my mom for Christmas (she is old school and never gets on the computer, other then work and cant look up blogs) I went to as well.. and now I am making my mom a memory book of my sister for her birthday.. I LOVE it!!

Megan said...

CUTE! Addie keeps telling me I am going on "Shrek"....not "Trek". Ok. :) Luv ya!