Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Libby Martin from Annie West on Vimeo.

Meet my newest neice Libby.

I love her. She made me baby hungry!

Congrats Ali and Ryan!

she is PURE HEAVEN!!!

{oh p.s--- turn off my blog music so you can listen }


Keri said...

Annie -- that pure bliss. I love the sanes you put in between the pictures. What a wonderful keepsake for Ali and cute little Libby.

Reminds me of my own...and I drop tears, cuz mine are all grown up.

Simply Lavender said...

OH!!!!!! That was just the sweetest!!!!!
What a gift from heaven! And how wonderful to have that video to remember such a happy day! Such a treasure!

Yes Keri....tears are flowing in this mom's AND granny's eyes too!
WELCOME Little One. Little Libby.


~Ali~ said...

Thank you so much Annie! This is something I will cherish forever and ever!!!!!!! I will never be able to thank you enough! You captured all the love I have for my little Libby! I couldn't be a happier momma!! MUAH!

Amie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Loved that so much. She is so sweet and precious. Libby is such a cute name.

ps. what song was that?

Jeri said...

That was heaven! Where were you when my babies were born??

Congrats Ali! She is one beautiful baby! Love her name.

{A}nnie said...

this was such a FUN thing to do!

jeri---im with you, i wish someone did this for me too...:(

Shelley Hansen said...

She is cute...Neat that she had her cute little eyes open for the pictures!

Megan said...! I need to go kiss my own little pink bundle right NOW after seeing that video! So sweet! :) I need some more pictures of Audrey! She has already changed so much from the ones you took!!!