Monday, May 17, 2010

I wanna be like her...

I needed to watch this today.

not because Charlee cut her HAIR again.


because she got into the bandaids and unwrapped every single one.

Not because teenagers are hard to raise, and stress me out.

ITS because Im so happy for blessings.

so happy for trials.

so happy that I get to wake up every day....and raise my family.

I watched this in tears......

I want to be her.

Im so thankful for the talent I am developing in photography.

I want to capture my life.

my kids.

my family.

and so grateful to the other families I have been able to give a small memory to treasure as well.....



Starting RIGHT NOW!

I want to be a better me!

{turn off my music below}


Simply Lavender said...

so I am sitting here crying like a baby.....


Torri P said...

I saw this this morning....I was in tears. She is absolutely AMAZING! In my opinion, one of the most beautiful women alive. I too, want to be more like her!

Liseylew said...

beautiful... never reading your blogs when Im at the office again... Tear..

Natalie said...

I love this story - she is so inspiring to me too. It really gives you great perspective. Thanks for sharing the video - great moment!

Kari and Parker said...

I read her blog every day.. She is inspiring!

Morgan Greaves said...

Love her. Been a fan of her blog for a very long time. What an inspiration!