Tuesday, May 18, 2010

keep calm carry on.

I have LOVED THIS saying
I have it on my scripture cover I made
i have it through out my home in personal places to help my day flow....
I found these on Etsy,...
just the print...
then they said these frames you can buy at IKEA to fit.
can't decide what color...
i want something random.
they come in TONS of colors!

In my search of finding this print....
I found THIS!
maybe I need this one too!

I hate when I get this ITCH...to create, and re-arrange and do stuff to my house..
because my timing is ALWAYS BAD!
no time.
but DON'T YOU LOVE THIS up the stairs?
ah! i can see it........
Donna Pochaski-Thomas eclectic staircase

1 comment:

Rileigh said...

oooh I am totally drawn to the orange one. I think that one should go in your kitchen, but the get excited and make something should go in the craft room.