Saturday, November 29, 2008

ItS ChRisTmAs TiMe-------

I can finally announce that I have my Christmas stuff up---AND had had it up before Thanksgiving! People get so weird about that stuff!
I feel Thanksgiving and Christmas are as ONE! We should celebrate them both together.
Thats why they call it HOLIDAYS---not
My Christmas is JUST about done----
Tweens are hard, anyone else feelin me?
Jackson is easy!
Charlee is SUPER easy!
I am asking for a lens this year-----not exciting to you---but exciting to
I also want a ring from mike---{HINT HINT}

*Jackson said the funnest thing to me*
He said "Mom, Im going to get really fat today when I eat all the thanksgiving food, please promise you won't laugh at me"
He also told me I was
He said "Mom, I love you and you are cute"
He is so sweet to me always!
He likes to sleep in my bed when Mike works nights, he says he is keeping me safe
Another time I was up late editing pictures and he woke up and came into the front room and brought in a blanket for me and put it on my lap
He said "mom its to late---go to sleep"
I love little boys!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was tagged by 5 people forever ago-----I guess its time! :)
Husband tag-ish!
I asked Mike these questions....{I will NOT mention curse words or anything Inappropriate, for he is watching Basketball during this "question asking" game}

How long have we been married? I dunno------{ long pause}........6 yrs.
whats my name? Shmoopie
How long did we date? 6 months {me: no we didn't}...Mike: ok....Ummm......I dunno {me: whatever}
How old am I? 30----{me: giving him big eyes} Mike: laughing----ok 31? lol
Who is taller? Me
Who can sing better? you
Who is smarter? me definatly....{laughing}
Who does the laundry? You
Who pays the bills? You
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep on the wrong side {he is lame}
Who mows the lawn? You do mostly---I do sometimes.
Who cooks dinner? You do---when its my turn I go out. :)
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? ME---definatly.....{me: hey! I admit it} Mike:....laughing....your as stubborn as an ox! lol
Who kissed who first? I did.......{thinking}.......did I?
Who wears the pants? I do! You just tell me when to put them on. lol
wow! OK! Well----I just learned to never ask questions to your husband when he is watching a game. :) I so knew that!!

I tag-----whoever wants to!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ali Hats

My sister in law is making these hats!!
cute huh?
ABBIE wore hers ALL day yesterdays. :)
I am thinking stocking stuffers?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's and Tomorrow's

I have been quite teary today---sad? maybe. Grateful...yes! Confused, humbled, and have come to my knowledge how much I am blessed and How much I need and love my family and friends.
I realized how much I truly love my children and that I would do anything for them. Despite wanting to pull their hair, yell at them, pull MY hair, and mail them to China. I have great kids. Healthy, smart and beautiful. This may be a post of venting/bragging/and or a little bit of my {testimony}, Just bear with me for this post maybe mostly for me--- For Writing down our joys, heartache and sadness is what pulls us through. :)
Some days I get upset with my heavenly father for things I don't understand. Which always quickly makes me more UPSET--because how can I get mad at someone who has givin me everything?
My savior has become my good {friend}---I need him! Just as much as he needs me.
He needs me to be an example, a mother, someone who serves, someone who speaks kindly to and about others, a loving wife and someone who teaches who we are and what we can become to our children.
{That seems like alot, especially all in one day?}
And some days I don't feel like doing any of it.
That's why we have tomorrows. :)
I am thankful for Happy days, joyful days and days when I am inspired to do things for others and inspired to do things for myself.
I am also thankful for sad and frustrating days---those are the days that remind us, what and who we don't want to be, and so we try and be better.
Sometimes I need to think of ME, what Do I need? What do I want today to be like? How can I see hard things in a different way?
I love my heavenly Father---he knows me, he knows what I need each day {whether its a friend he has put in my path, a phone call from my husband, or the sweet hugs and eyelash kisses from Jackson} he loves me and certainly he wants me to be happy and love life.
I am choosing to love life and to carry on with a smile.
And its ok to have hard days.
*That's why he gives us Tomorrows*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tickity Tock

Lookie what I made at my sisters house-----Loving it!!
It costs $29 to make.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My FIRST---------yes!

Wanna see MORE of these?
Our first family pictures....{not including the ones I DID, the click------run-----pose ones}
I luv em so much
Marissa did a FANTASTIC job.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween in November :)

well, here I go----My journey of life in the past 3 weeks----

Im so behind.

*If I haven't posted on your blog, it doesn't mean I don't love you. I have looked I promise*
This picture above shows you that Autumn thinks Charlee is a Doll----she plays dress ups, pushes her around in a stroller, puts ponies in her 4 strands of hair.

poor Charlee.

Halloween in November----I must be the only one who blogged about their kids Halloween 2 weeks after...ohhhhh so sad.
But givin my blog situation-------I am allowed! :)

Autumn was a hippy chic, Abbie , something that is dead. I dunno what she was really, she was to cool to go until about an hour before then all the sudden it was cool again.

Jackson was batman----go figure!

Charlee was a pepper---but I didn't even dress her up in it-----:)

This was Jackson's Pre-school Halloween party. Jackson is on your left, last one crouched down. He is actually doing the movements to a song they are singing.

My pictures are all over the place right now---in between two computers. Mike got me a laptop for my photography and editing. So I feel SUPER un-organized. Its hard getting use to another screen, colors, keyboard, brightness, mouse thingy-----I cannot type worth a poo bucket on here.

Anyways---back to the important STUFF.

Miss Abbie is a woman......sweet sweet emotional, crying, life is so unfair, I have nothing to wear, my hair looks funny, I have no socks, girl.

I'm going to leave it at that...:)


Jackson Cut his hair----lol, A BIG snip-it down the middle front. He looks very handsome.

LETS see what else----We cleaned his room and I found most of his lego's under his bed in small little clumps---they were his "space ships" like 50 of them....everywhere!

I asked him why they are under his bed? He said "Because I didn't want you to clean them up"...

he knows me to well!

then he told me that he was an how does he know what an Artiest is?

Come to find out--he stays up late at night and makes them...LOL!

These are little creations he made for his pre-school teacher. They are made out of paper, markers, and tape . He shoved them in his back pack. I pulled them out quick to take a picture.
luv them!!

Mike and Autumn at the Daddy Daughter Activity for Activity days. They carved pumpkins.
Autumn was thrilled that Mike could make it---he rarely has weekends off!
He is really the best to Abbie and Autumn.
*luv him*

So really----who is ready for Christmas?

I can't get myself organized enough right now to even focus on Christmas----Ahhhhh. It came to fast. They were playing Christmas music in Walmart the day after Halloween. To Much.

I love Christmas----but sheesh, slow down Santa!!!

By the way---If your blog isn't posted on the side----Again, its not because I hate you. I just lost all that information. Sooooo leave it for me and I will add you.

ALSO---those of you who are private----can you re-add me as sixthwest @



ok----Its up, Photo blog to your right! Good heck!
Its not .com But I fixed it and I'm not changing anything!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008


See Charlee???
My friend Marissa showed me the ropes a little on photography today---we hung out and had lunch...:) We did a little mini photo shoot-----IM IN LOVE!
you will love too-----go look!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can't wait!!

I can't wait----I wanted to post these on my PHOTO blog. But since I can't yet........
HERE are the frames we are NOW taking orders for...:)
16x 20 and bigger only.
Custom made to fit your PRINT!
*5 colors*
red, black, white, aqua, shabby pink, soft baby blue, Chocolate brown
16x20----framed for you with glass & ready to hang...$55.00
any other sizes---email me!
SweetYesterdays @


Ok-----please tell me someone has gone through this?

My photography page is NOT working again. Was wondering if it has anything to do with in its in transition to switch over to .com?
You know how it asks you when you are creating a new account if you want your own domain? Either .com or .net?
It said it could take up to 3 days to switch over........
I'm so frustrated! Just the thought to DO IT FOR the second time just makes me scream..:)
{I'm not kidding tho} And I already paid them----

$%#&*%*&^{not a swear word---Ive been doing those alot lately}
Ohh yea----those who are private...can you change my email to CUZ I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Friday, November 7, 2008

7 months!!

*My little Charlee*
{she is standing here}
I have so MUCH to blog about-----
And I promise I will do another post soooon. But for now:
I can't believe it.
where did my new little baby go?

Charlee is FULL FORCE crawling---she follows me everywhere. Its so cute to see this small little thing moving around. She thinks she is so big!
she pulls herself UP on things...yes, standing!
She figured this all out this past week.
I don't think Im ready to "PROOF" my house.....................
Also---some more exciting news
I just felt it 2 days ago coming in. Its just so sad how fast they grow up!
She is alot of work---and so onery {still}


Life is crazy---I have so much to be thankful for---Jackson cut his hair---Abbie is a woman---Im not ready for Christmas---blogs are dumb...but I love them.

{} side notes to come{}