Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween in November :)

well, here I go----My journey of life in the past 3 weeks----

Im so behind.

*If I haven't posted on your blog, it doesn't mean I don't love you. I have looked I promise*
This picture above shows you that Autumn thinks Charlee is a Doll----she plays dress ups, pushes her around in a stroller, puts ponies in her 4 strands of hair.

poor Charlee.

Halloween in November----I must be the only one who blogged about their kids Halloween 2 weeks after...ohhhhh so sad.
But givin my blog situation-------I am allowed! :)

Autumn was a hippy chic, Abbie , something that is dead. I dunno what she was really, she was to cool to go until about an hour before then all the sudden it was cool again.

Jackson was batman----go figure!

Charlee was a pepper---but I didn't even dress her up in it-----:)

This was Jackson's Pre-school Halloween party. Jackson is on your left, last one crouched down. He is actually doing the movements to a song they are singing.

My pictures are all over the place right now---in between two computers. Mike got me a laptop for my photography and editing. So I feel SUPER un-organized. Its hard getting use to another screen, colors, keyboard, brightness, mouse thingy-----I cannot type worth a poo bucket on here.

Anyways---back to the important STUFF.

Miss Abbie is a woman......sweet sweet emotional, crying, life is so unfair, I have nothing to wear, my hair looks funny, I have no socks, girl.

I'm going to leave it at that...:)


Jackson Cut his hair----lol, A BIG snip-it down the middle front. He looks very handsome.

LETS see what else----We cleaned his room and I found most of his lego's under his bed in small little clumps---they were his "space ships" like 50 of them....everywhere!

I asked him why they are under his bed? He said "Because I didn't want you to clean them up"...

he knows me to well!

then he told me that he was an Artist...lol how does he know what an Artiest is?

Come to find out--he stays up late at night and makes them...LOL!

These are little creations he made for his pre-school teacher. They are made out of paper, markers, and tape . He shoved them in his back pack. I pulled them out quick to take a picture.
luv them!!

Mike and Autumn at the Daddy Daughter Activity for Activity days. They carved pumpkins.
Autumn was thrilled that Mike could make it---he rarely has weekends off!
He is really the best to Abbie and Autumn.
*luv him*

So really----who is ready for Christmas?

I can't get myself organized enough right now to even focus on Christmas----Ahhhhh. It came to fast. They were playing Christmas music in Walmart the day after Halloween. To Much.

I love Christmas----but sheesh, slow down Santa!!!

By the way---If your blog isn't posted on the side----Again, its not because I hate you. I just lost all that information. Sooooo leave it for me and I will add you.

ALSO---those of you who are private----can you re-add me as sixthwest @ gmail.com



Alisha said...

I am glad to see you are back!! Charlee's pictures are beautiful. Maybe we can get together for christmas

Jill Pritchett said...

Kaila & Kylie were so excited that Chad could make it too. They had a great time. Thank you so much for all that you do for my girls.

** Also...you have been tagged. Check out my blog

Amie said...

Oh my gosh I can't stand how cute jackson is. Those little papers are so adorable!!

Stacy said...

Welcome back!!

Margie said...

Darling pictures, your kids really are so cute. That is so much fun. I am with you on the Christmas thing, make it stop! I am not ready yet! And..YES, I really do want to buy the frame. I got special permission from Travis ;). I am thinking black and sanded. Can't wait!

Shelley Hansen said...

I want a Lab Top, but I Hate typing on them..

Margie said...

you've officially been tagged!

Sharida said...

Abbie does look like something dead! She really does look scary. It's gotta be the whole "woman" thing. lol

Now I know why Charlee doesn't like anyone to mess with her. She has to put up with Autumn all day. Go figure!

Arizona Manwarings said...

I am so glad you got back on. So sorry to hear about Stupid Blogger.

~Ali~ said...

That's my hat I made for Chawlleee!! LOL And I was actually thinking of selling them but I didn't know if they would sell...do you think they would? I am going to make some boy ones too. EEE!!! Anyway...Love the girls costumes and I have seen the very handsome haircut Jacksie gave himself and it is LOVELY!! LOL Anyway...I will make your girls some with the flowers!