Friday, November 7, 2008

7 months!!

*My little Charlee*
{she is standing here}
I have so MUCH to blog about-----
And I promise I will do another post soooon. But for now:
I can't believe it.
where did my new little baby go?

Charlee is FULL FORCE crawling---she follows me everywhere. Its so cute to see this small little thing moving around. She thinks she is so big!
she pulls herself UP on things...yes, standing!
She figured this all out this past week.
I don't think Im ready to "PROOF" my house.....................
Also---some more exciting news
I just felt it 2 days ago coming in. Its just so sad how fast they grow up!
She is alot of work---and so onery {still}


Life is crazy---I have so much to be thankful for---Jackson cut his hair---Abbie is a woman---Im not ready for Christmas---blogs are dumb...but I love them.

{} side notes to come{}



Anonymous said...

What? seven months allready. no way! I swear you just had her. That makes me sad. i all ready know that I want little Tayah to stay little forever!!

Simply Lavender said...

Time doth fly on golden wings.
Remarkulous! Our little angel girl is crawling and has her first tooth! She is such a busy little girl! (just like her mom) :)
She does give crusty looks sometimes tho.....but her beautiful blue eyes still shine through!
AWH, Charlee Ann we L.O.V.E. you!


Marissa Vargason said...

Awe Charlee is growing up and wow so is abbie! you go girl! Charlee will get better I promise, like I said with brenley she hit a certain age (i wont say to spare the scaring lol) but once she was better I felt like the past was literally just a small amt of time. Its so hard while your admist it every day :( If charlee liked me Id so give you a All I know is the count down to cafe rio is on!

Shelley Hansen said...

Glad that you are back to blogging! Now if we could get everyone else going.. that would be great.