Saturday, November 29, 2008

ItS ChRisTmAs TiMe-------

I can finally announce that I have my Christmas stuff up---AND had had it up before Thanksgiving! People get so weird about that stuff!
I feel Thanksgiving and Christmas are as ONE! We should celebrate them both together.
Thats why they call it HOLIDAYS---not
My Christmas is JUST about done----
Tweens are hard, anyone else feelin me?
Jackson is easy!
Charlee is SUPER easy!
I am asking for a lens this year-----not exciting to you---but exciting to
I also want a ring from mike---{HINT HINT}

*Jackson said the funnest thing to me*
He said "Mom, Im going to get really fat today when I eat all the thanksgiving food, please promise you won't laugh at me"
He also told me I was
He said "Mom, I love you and you are cute"
He is so sweet to me always!
He likes to sleep in my bed when Mike works nights, he says he is keeping me safe
Another time I was up late editing pictures and he woke up and came into the front room and brought in a blanket for me and put it on my lap
He said "mom its to late---go to sleep"
I love little boys!


Heidi said...

He is so sweet!! Love your decor!!

Shelley Hansen said...

Little boys are so sweet.. I am glad that I have 3 of them!

Jeri said...

Can I have Jackson for a few days? I need someone to tell me I am cute, and to tell me to go to sleep!

Love your decorations girl!

Simply Lavender said...

AWH!!!! How S.W.E.E.T. is Jackson!!? LUV that boy!
What a treasure he is! He is totally sugar-coated!!
Funny, sweet and darling....doesn't get much better than that! :)

Your Christmas looks fab!


Megan said...

We put up our Christmas decor Thanksgiving day, after we ate dinner! I love that you said we can celebrate them both at the same time (Christmas and Thanksgiving!)

Jackson is so sweet. Seth could use some pointers.......

The Meyers said...

Hey Annie! I love your tree! I'm thinking of getting a fake tree next year. It's fun to go get a real one and the smell is awesome but, they aren't as pretty shaped they sometimes flare up my asthma~I'm such a nerd!lol Love the pics of the decorations! Looks festive!

Nicole and Paul said...

I agree is the "holidays!" I love your decorations-so cute!