Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cell phones are dumb

Mike and I got new cell phones.
First of all I hate cell phones-----to much money, go into panic when you realized you left it home sitting on the counter, can't go anywhere with out them. ah!
But you need em'....so.....whatever.
Anyways----back to the story.
So we changed providers and we both got new phones. I hate when the sales guy tries to sell you the TOP of the line phones......
I said this to him "Does it text?........does it call people?....does it have cute rings?.....I'll take it"
I don't need all the other shenanigans...lol
{like that word?}
So I sat late last night changing over all the numbers to my new phone---figuring out how to work the dumb thing. An hour was sucked outta my life forever.
I tried to find the setting to change my ring tone. I couldn't figure it out. So today when Abbie came home from school I handed her my phone and told her to help me. SHE DID IT IN 3 MINUTES. Kids these days!

That's my most ever exciting life right now---- :)
Charlee---suckin on my lens cap. I have lost that thing a Ga-zillion times. Last time I found it in the dryer. Don't ask!
Its a joke around here. I lose it and leave it everywhere---
I need a cap "thingy"
Who has me for Christmas??
Now I'm just rambling.
Abbie---Miss know it all. Thinks she rules the house now that she is 12.
Autumn---sassy pants who I find dancing like a crazy person in her room all the time
Jackson--- Mr. sweet-ness. Loves me. Loves his gamecube and Plays Karate by himself.
Charlee---still oh so fussy, but oh so kissable. She can't sit still. She should have been walking yesterday.
Now you know what the kids are doing!
Autumn had her first Viola recital---I will post about that later.


Shelley Hansen said...

I hate cell phones so bad.. The worst is when someone just has a cell and no home phone.. They never answer and then when they do they cut out all the time.. Can you hear me now.. No and I don't want to!~
We have a tracfone.. You put minutes on it and can use it if you break down.. It is affordable and serves its purpose.

Jeri said...

I love my cell phone, but I am like you, I just want the basics...call people, text people. I don't use any of the other junk. Mine is a blackberry, and I don't every use that extra stuff. Good thing Abbie was there to fix it for you! Funny!

Stacy said...

We just got new ones too. I love it. I have enter the text world. Big step for me I know.

~Ali~ said...

Phones these days! Kids these days! lol I don't like to think of myself as "not a teenager" anymore but I find myself thinking and saying old people things all the time! Dang that Abbie for being electronic savvy! lol I also have found Trey sucking on my lens cap a few times! lol It never fails that they wil find stuff like that!

Megan said...

I don't like getting a new phone for the reasons you just mentioned! I had to though, a few months ago since I lost my charger.....don't ask. I don't know what happened.....Anyway, I hate reading instructions on those dumb things. So, I don't read them.

Cute post about your kids. I love that Jackson is so sweet to you. Cute, cute, cute.