Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its done! Bring on the Ice!

Its over---Mike is doing SWELL....{lol}
.Thank you for all your "good lucks".
It was actually interesting---yes, I watched the WHOLE thing----very cool I must say.
And Now we are home and I have to baby him :)
{Hubbies are babies}
So NOW----no more of THESE!!!!!!!!!!

His Dr. Clarified that he is STILL a man....lol
Your such a trooper mikey!
Jackson came up to Mike and said this:
"Dad, how are your berries?"
{With the look like, OH I can't even imagine}
We decided to tell him he has an owie on his berries because first:
Mike and Jackson always wrestle
Second: Jackson always comes up and jumps on him
so we thought we better tell him.
OK---on to other stuff!!
Charlee---she is in EVERYTHING---and everywhere!
This is Abbie's room----she pulled out all her Jammies and then found a nice pad to chew on...LOL!
{I just love her little fattiness}
ok! Christmas Morning!
I just posted their FAVORITES!!!!
This was a fun Christmas----{But im kinda glad its over...anyone else with me?}
Im excited to see what 09' brings......
{Hopefully some one to buy my house}
Luv you all!


Alisha said...

They are such babies. Were they not there when we gave birth?? So much worse I must say. What a good guy for stepping up and getting it done. Jon did it a couple of years ago and ya I had to baby him.

Looks like you had a nice Christmas. I hope things go well on your house. We are thinking of selling in the spring. We'll see..

Stacy said...

Glad he survived. Good luck making it through the next couple of days. I feel worse for you then for him!! Love ya MIke.

Shelley Hansen said...

Annie~ How much fun with Charlie all over your house.. Mine is just starting to of flopping forward like he is thinking of crawling.. He was born the first part of May.. She really is adorable!
I had mine done after I had Josiah... He was a C-section.. so I figured while they were there.. Go for it.. It is nice to be done!

Keri said...

Give hugs to Mike!! I'm sure Matt would like a run down of how it all happens. =D

Cute pictures of Charlee and Christmas FUN!

I'm anxiously awaiting new carpet on Friday! =) Hope all goes well with the selling the house THANG too!

Happy New YEAR! The boys seem a little down that we won't be having anyone here this year. We'll have to make it up to them by playing games all night. xo K

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Your mother warned me that i must come visit your site today! Mike has my sympathies...never heard of berries before...thats a new one for me. would love to feature your blog on my blog site this month about things you love, mainly your passion for your family and your photo taking. let me know when you want to be featured this month okay. hope you will. i just didnt know if you were going public yet. Your site it so fun and I love how you live life and just make the best of everything that is thrown your way Annie. Happy New year to you and your family and may the house sell and you find a treasure.

Megan said...

Ya, I am kinda glad it is over now! I think I will take everything down today! Back to schooling on Monday, so I gotta get everyone back in the mode!!

Berries! That is very funny. Glad he is doing ok! :)

Nicole and Paul said...

THAT is hilarious! Aren't men babies? Paul refuses to have this done-the thought makes him sick. Looks like I will be getting tied up! lol! Cute Christmas pictures.