Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Holly Jolly

I have a GAZILLION pictures----
I collaged them for you, so it won't be as
We started out at a sleepover at my parents house.
Woke up to Christmas music and pancakes....LOTS O PANCAKES!
Photobucket Then got ready and headed to the Crisis Center for kids. To do some service.
We painted, spackled, fixed stuff and played with the kids :)
This picture doesn't show all of us---just some!
Thanks to my dad----he made this HAPPEN!!!!
Some of the cousins went outside and did snow sculptures!!

Hi Keri---- {I see em bee dee eyes}
Lots O hugs goin ON!!!!!
MY sisters!!!!
Wild, Annoying, crazy, loud, wondeful & loving
My Best Friends!!
My Mother has a tradition. She creates the most beautiful table with a gift on each plate. She has done this for 40 years. We love it!!! She has Talent that oooosies out her ears and nose!!

This was the best time of the DAY----when we got to give our parents THE present!
All of us sisters decided to have my Friend margie who does Drawings, do pictures of all the sisters when we were about the same age. SHE DID WONDERFUL---really just look.
It was a
as you can tell!
We loved it and so did they---MARGIE these pictures are for you.
{I have a link on my side bar to visit her}
Mike did the frame----He did wonderful!!

We ended with WHITE elephants...LOL!
Nice one Abbie!
I luv Christmas.
It remindes me how much a truly love my family.


Keri said...

Oh, I'm totally going to use that EYE picture for my facebook profile. =)

Great blog Annie. Sure hope it didn't take you all


Margie said...

Such fun, cute, pictures! What a great family you have! I absolutely loved seeing the picture of your parents opening that present. That means a lot! Thank you!!

Matt S. said...

Nice post, Annie - thanks for sharing such a Potpourri Plethora of Pic's!!

Megan said...

Your family is amazing. I want to be just like you mom and dad when my kids are grown! Looks like you all have a blast! Did you get any sleep at the slumber party? I bet not! Wahoo!

Shelley Hansen said...

Cute.. Thaks for sharig the pics of your Christmas day!