Monday, December 22, 2008

Number five

YUP! Thats right---my Sweetie is 5
Jackson {Jacksie} Mark West

5 5 5---everything is 5!!

Jackson did not get to sleep till 12:30 last night. He came into my room and asked if he could sit on my chair and WAIT till morning. I don't want to sleep mom, just sit and WAIT!

I have many STORIES about this day {like usual} :)

I got Lego Batman!!!! YES!!!!

WHAT?? {sad face} Its for a DS mom, I don't have a DS {Teary eyes and quivery lip}

OH!!! ITS A DS....Im so excited! This is the best day ever!!

Just what Jackson wanted----for FOREVER!!
Jackson wasn't looking forward to turning 5. He thought when he turned 5 he was big now and has to get married. He cried and hugged me.
Jackson said "I luv you mommy, and I don't want a girlfriend and get married, I wanna stay little. I don't want to move away. Cuz you will be very sad.
I luv my little Jackson.
He is My little guy-----for always and forever. Married or not!
Boys have different heart strings attached to their mothers...:)
He is sweet, nice, gets along with everyone. Mommies boy, tenderhearted and hates getting into trouble. He is smart, clever and doesn't like to sleep in his bed. He is a fighter guy lover, star wars obsesser and gags when he sees or smells anything stinky. Hates his hair cut, cries when we have to leave the house---he likes to be home. Just like me! Says Church is dumb, spaggetti eater and is the best potato bug finder in the world.
I luv you bud!
And I know you will protect me with your lightsaber anyday!


Marissa Vargason said...

Awe he is so sweet!!!! Happy Birthday Jackson!!!! And what the heck Annie??? Loving that lens! awesome he got a ds yay!

Alyssa said...

oh sweet! cute post! :) December boys are so fun! He sounds a lot like my Tegunn! Maybe its the month. Happy Birthday JAckson!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday bud!! What a fun age!

Amie said...

Jackson, you are too sweet for words. I love you buddy!

Yo mama was a snowblowa!

Nicole and Paul said...

He is so cute! His birthday is so close to Christmas-he was your present from Santa for sure!! :) I love the pictures!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!!! Can you believe he will be in school next year!!!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy! Come play Star Wars with Seth and teach him to say nice things to me like you do to your momma. Shucks, what a darling boy you are. (Mine is cute, too, he just needs to work on the things he says to me. Telling me dinner is yucky every night is kinda bumming me out. KWIM?)

Arizona Manwarings said...

What a fun B-day, and I totally agree sons are the best