Thursday, December 4, 2008


Chaw-wee....a.k.a Charlee-----IS {almost} 8 MONTHS.
luv her.

Charlee is:

Crawling {she is all over the house, doors are shut, gate is up}






hates when I leave the room

luvs Cheerios, puffs, baby snacks...alot

crawls on her feet when the floor is cold

sleeps good {Finally}

very busy


My sweet baby who is growing way to fast!!


Megan said...

Holy cow! Those turned out darling! Chaw-wee looks stinkin' cute! She is growing up way too fast!

Simply Lavender said...

*CHAW-WEE'S* pics filled my heart right up to overflowing!!!!
What a bundle of sweetness!!
OH! OH! OH!!!!

The background is fabulous!
LUV that old flaky, cracky brick!


~Ali~ said...

Awww....what a sweetie!! I love little Chaw wee!!! it is sharing time!!! lol I need to know the location!! hee hee And you need that hat I made her!! lol

Heidi said...

she's adorable! Where did you take these photos!??

Keri said...

Great locations Annie. I love Charlee too! She's such a doll. I want her at my house!

Anonymous said...

Yes I scored on this spot! Its all about the Location YA'LL...

25th street----in, out and all around!!

The Meyers said...

She's adorable Annie! It gets me more and more excited about the one I have on the way!

Mandi said...

oh my gosh can you package her up and send her over for a little while:) she is far to sweet for words!!

Torri P said...

CUUUTTEE!!! I LOVE the pics! My fav is the one of her in the window! great job! She is absolutely adorable!

Shelley Hansen said...

She is really cute.. But i am not telling you something that you did not already know!! Yes my Josiah is now 7 months.. they do grow up way to fast!

Jeri said...

Love the photos!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hold her...but she will probably cry. Simone is doing the same thing. She only wants me.

I can't believe all she is doing! Simone is a slow poke. (I love it! baby proofing here yet!)