Tuesday, December 9, 2008

pluck my brows

*Abbie moment*
You all know Abbie-----dingy, airheady, so so funny!
Abbie was on the phone with her BFF :)
I over heard her say this "So did you see my waxed and plucked eyebrows today"? My mom did them and now they are all groomed nicely.
Seriously....just think to your self and say that out loud to yourself...LOL!
Teens...............{ well Almost}


Shelley Hansen said...

Yes.. I know just what you are talking about.. I have one.. 14.. Jurney. She says weird-o stuff all the time..Sometimes I just look at her and she knows.. she's talking weird again!

Keri said...

So, what is Abbie going to do when she's on her mission? Have her companion pluck and wax? he he