Sunday, December 14, 2008

FOR SALE & snow!!!

Jackson LOVED the snow yesterday----
He told me he's been waiting so long for this day.... :)
And that its the best day ever..................
Him and Dah Dah had fun together.......
{dah dah...see below}
Dah Dah had to have a warm bath. Jackson said that dah dah was not minding him outside and was being naughty.
We had Hot Co co waiting inside for them...:)
side note about dah dah:
For those who do not know the history about dah dah the doggy. He has been Jackson's best friend since he was born. He eats with us, sleeps with us, goes on trips...he is a good little doggy.

I know I always post comments and sayings about what Jackson says to me----its because they are NONE STOP---I only tell you a few....everyday I have so many sweet & funny things. :)

I just love him

He says:

Mom---I dunno what I would do without you {as he pets my hair}




*big news for us*

We are putting our house up for sale.


We are scared and nervous. We knew when we bought this house a year and a half ago , it was only going to be a stepping stone for us. The housing market SUCKS to sale {so we are planning on sitting for a while, but praying for the best} But we also know this is the time we can FINALLY get the house we want. I'm so excited!

We told each other when we moved here that we didn't know when we would sell AGAIN---but that we would both know when it was time. Mike and I are so different when it comes to money, buying, saving decisions...blahblahblah. He is very stricked and very patient. I AM NOT! So when he made the initiative for the go ahead...I KNEW it was time. And that it was right.

I'm going to be super busy this week, planning Jackson's Birthday and getting the house ready and not to mention PLAYING SANTA.

Good thing I scheduled less sessions this month.

p.s I luv snow!


Simply Lavender said...

I'm telling ya...I laughed out loud when I saw *snowy frozen Dah Dah!*
Jackson..he's the best! How could ya not LUV every bit of that sweet and funny boy?! OH, he does my heart good!

SO cool about putting your house up for sale!
Another adventure in the life *out West*.
Make sure you put on your *super duper triple dog dara ya woman* hat so you can get everything done! WHEW!
It will all work out. We'll say extra prayers.


Nicole and Paul said...

Good luck with the house sale Annie! Selling sucks, but the shopping and buying a new house is FUN! How cute is Jackson? I love the little things he says!


Im so sad.. but I understand!!! Jackson is so darling..I cant wait to get him in my class next year.. :)

Torri P said...

WOW, you guys got snow?? We have only had a skiff! Crazy how that tiny distance can be that big of a difference! Good luck selling!!

Pieces of Us said...

Good luck with selling your house! I hope it sells soon so you guys can get to where you want to be. Yay that's so exciting. Don't go too far though!

Anonymous said...

OHH....we are onlt moving closer to the girls its actually right by YOU..:)

The Meyers said...

What the *@^*! Annie! I can't believe you guys are moving! WOW! What a shock! You up sizing? Jackson says and does the funniest things! What a cutie!

Arizona Manwarings said...

Ohh what awsome snow pictures, that is one thing that I relly miss snow! Good luck on selling your house

Shelley Hansen said...

The snow was great! You should make a blog for selling your home.. How fun!

Margie said...

Oh my goodness! You are putting your house up for sale! We will be so sad if you move...but excited for you too. How fun to have a new house. We have had our house on KSL for about 5 months and have heard aboslutely nothing!! So...I would recommend, if you guys are serious to not just put it on KSL. (I don't know if I'm ready to get serious about it yet!) Good luck!!

Megan said...

So, won't you be our neighbor??!!!! Where are ya goin'? Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse!!

Oh, there were 2 families from North Ogden at our party: the Jessops and the Anderson's. Sorry you couldn't make it! We'd love to have you over during the break. LMK since you have way more going than I do! :)

Jill Pritchett said...

Are you going to move by us? Say yes!!!