Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally they are coming out! beginning!


the are so beautiful........



Everything gets second chances.....even trees.

The sun feels good.

OH, so good!!!!

Happy sun day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So guess what......

I ate a whole bag of damn peanut butter M&M's.


good laws..........


Good Thing this Zumba is kickin my bootie. :)

I love staying home with Charlee....

Even tho she had to go to her room 9 million times yesterday....

I still love it.

We have fun.


Last night She set the table for me.....ALL BY HERSELF!

and dang me....i didn't take a picture!

We all enjoyed her 3.2 second prayer! :)


Im busy with spring sessions.....

holy YIKES!

Everyone wants them done at the same time!

Sure wish MR. sun would come out and play for a few days.

Suuuuuure would be helpful!

I have Easter pictures I will be posting soon!


Looks like a beautiful day.


{in my case a V8 and}




I had to post this email I got from a long lost friend.....

Its these sweet tender mercies that help us grow and become strong and feel loved NO MATTER WHAT!

I'm so grateful to have wokin up to this today.

I hope she doesn't care I shared.

I keep MOST of these treasures secret.....but this one struck me.

love you Miss T!

I feel honored to be her friend!

Hey Annie girl-

First, I have to tell you that you are one of the strongest women that I know. I read your blog and I am lifted, every single time. Lifted by your strength of not being afraid to be you! I hope that you know, realize and fully embrace that this is a talent! A talent from our Heavenly Father and you my friend, are magnifying and sharing, so it continues to grow.

Really, your words, though I don’t know your “story” behind them, they have been the words to my story that I was too stubborn, afraid or stubborn to say myself.

I adore words. I admire words because when you put words together-they can do amazing things. They have great power.

I felt like you needed to know that your words have given me power. Power that I didn’t realize I was missing until I read your words.

Thank you Annie.

Really-you have no idea the strength that your latest words have given me.

You were an answer to my prayers today.

Thank you.

Look at how awesome you are!!

Really though Annie, thank you for saying what you say-having the courage to do what you do, be who you are, wear what you wear and love your lime, coconut Diet coke’s the way you do.

Anytime that you want to open up a world of sonic diet coke’s too me, and hit up the DI-let me know. I would so love to get together.

Have a wonderful, happy night!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Today is Sunday.......Usually the best sunday.

Easter Sunday. :)

Not feeling it this year.......

But its ok! We can't be up to par 100% every day.

Thats what makes life Interesting!

I guess it does anyways!?



I know HF loves me.


I will just enjoy knowing that today. :)



I am a GLEEK!

And This song pretty much sums up My thoughts.

Luv me some Glee......



Carry on...... :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I love My neighbors.

I got flowers today. :)

and treats!

ANNNNNND........Sonic. I took that Sonic and climbed into my tub and enjoyed a bubble bath with coconut and lime in my Dt. Coke. :)


My neighbors make me feel so loved!

As well as all the things below. :)

Love is good!

Wether you have alot, or a little.

Its still good!

I needed this today!!!!!


This was muchly needed today!

{grab a tissue....or 8}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NOT a hicky......

Today is a stand still day!

thats Ok.....Id rather stand still then take a step BACKWARDS!



I am getting looks about this wonderful lovely burn on my neck.

NOooo, not a hicky,

Hickies don't have blisters.....OR peal......

Umm....ya this HURT...still hurts!

I may or may not have said some swearwords.

OK---im not gunna lie....i swore!


do you BLAME ME?

I have been loving Zumba lately......

I never have left running or working out drenched in sweat before.......

and I hurt in places i never knew had muscles!

Good thing?


It takes care of my salt and vinegar chips.

Im shareing my new camera necklace....


A Sleeping baby.

A Sleeping dog.


I worked out in my yard for hours the other day........

I USE to love working in the yard......especially in bare feet.

and .......

I don't think I like it anymore....................


Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy days and mondays!

YES...i am nerdy!

BUT proud!

Karen Carpenter is my Idol. Biggest fan since I was 5. Karaoke battle anyone? Btw----I think Im going to find me a yellow dress and curl my bangs under......creepy?

ya maybe.

Rain Drops.

{Introducing my newest member of my rainboot collection....... Don't be jealous}

Dear rain,

Woke up to the pitter patter on my window next to my bed.

I laid there a few minutes longer so I could just enjoy the quiet and the calming sound.

When I say a few minutes I mean like 30 minutes later I got up....oops.

I'm awfully fond of you.

your cozy.

and Romantic.

Love, swell me.




Now Enjoy A little Ingrid. :)



She is Oh So Lovely.



Love this song.

"Keep breathing"


Its ok!, You can like her too. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


I got the cutest Invite in the Mail from a new amazing friend.

My heart Fluttered.....

Now My mind is wondering.....for the perfect 7 GIFTS TO BRING...:)

go here {to read more}

Im in love with her.



Oooooo.....Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heart deposits!


The emails and comments and texts keep coming..

Im callings these "Heart Deposits"

I am overflowing......

Love is POWERFUL beyond measure!



Let me just say.

A simple Thank you!.

I cry as I read each one....for each one of you has played a amazing part in my life....from 25 years ago...till now. :)

You have "stamped" me.

Thank you for loving me.

I am so inspired that I in return want to do the same.

and I WILL.....I will pay this forward.

These will go to those around me who have been my "NET"

They would NOT let me fall. Not one inch!



What a happy day.




We are proud to also announce Mr. Jax.

Lost his buckie.

How handsome.

My Parents came down to give Charlee her Birthday.......

I love these pictures...

then i realized....I DIDN'T GET ONE WITH Gma and Papa.....hello?

rude of me.

{Sorry mom}

She is Obsessed with Grandma......she must have a picture in her room of them together.

Next time....... :)

She Spent the day yesterday up with Gma as I ventured down to IKEA and did some damage..{oooops}

I am rearranging rooms.....i will keep you posted....soo fantastic.



Her and My mom made a standing flannel board.

SHE IS in heaven!








Ive lost myself in music.

I think thats why I love running so much.

Its all about the Music that helps push you to that next Mile.



I have fallin In love With Amos Lee.

Listen to "Colors"

Fantastic. ;)

{My sentences are all spacy.....Ga-Nnoying}


Yesterday I got lost in the circus

Feeling like such a mess Now I'm down I'm just hanging on the corner

I can't help but reminisce When you're gone all the colors fade

When you're gone no New Year's Day parade

You're gone Colors seem to fade Your mama called she said that you're down stairs crying

Feeling like such a mess

Yeah I hear you you're in the background bawling What happened to your sweet summertime dress I know we all, we all got our faults

We get locked in our vaults and we stay

But when you're gone all the colors fade When you're gone no New Year's Day parade You're gone Colors seem to fade

Colors seem to fade

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Anonymous Commenter.....

I have ten thousand words to say.........



I had an anonymous commenter last night....that I had to delete.

Anonymous.........does that mean anything to you?


Im going to hide my face while I bash you.

Bash you, even tho I don't know you.

Know your situation or care to know.

I just want to bash you cuz I need to feel good about myself.

and Letting you know how horrible of a person you are makes me feel fantastic.

BUT.... Im gunna hide.





Its funny.

I could have flown to Africa and adopted 5 babies, fed the hungry and planted gardens.

But as soon as I show my shortcomings or fall, thats when Satan attacks.

That's where enemies attack.

Why would I listen or care what someone with evil intentions has to say?

someone who points and laughs when others are hurting.




I think they are fools.

and I laugh.

Because that just made me stronger TODAY!

I will become solid as a rock as I once was.........So I thank you.

and it taught me that I NEVER want to be you!


{cute owl eh?.......ya...i painted it and then had it fired.....oh la la!}

Those who don't have enough room in their hearts to help those who hurt....

Well, .......

I pity them

How sad.

They fill their buckets by tearing others down,

Down low....where they are. Suffering in unhappiness..........


Im not any less loved then you.

We all make mistakes...

heard the Saying

"Hate the sin but love the sinner"

WELL, today I have a smile on my face...because Only the strong get trials...

how sad that you don't have any.........:)


Well anonymous commenter,......

I have so many around me loving me...protecting me...lifting me..

caring for me.....pushing me to the light and healing me.

So sad you will never be able to be that kind.



I only hope when you fall....or hurt or have a broken heart that others will swarm you as well....

then you will understand how this whole Atonement works.

Then maybe you will be a TOOL to help others.


One day........

As for now....If you don't like me....

Well, then....ITS SIMPLE!!

don't read my blog.... :)


Dont Look me up....or care so much about my life, All the awesome fantastic great things I do...My flaws, my short comings, how funny I am, how sad somedays are, and how its the little things that make me happy!

Go on your way......and don't care so much. :)


Because who wants to be the kind of person the keeps being deleted?





My sweet friend brought me over these Owl Rings.



My Other friend and I are making this OLD fashion vintage apron dress out on an old SHEET.

Can't wait!!!

Seriousl!y.....Looking for yellow polkadot boots to match.....



Have a swell day!!

Someone like you......

Today Im Inspired.

By her.


I love how they shot this Video In her home.... Simply Fantastic.

Music is Therapy.

For the happy days........

And for the sad days......



I would love to shoot video's like this with my Mark one day.

{mark is my name for my camera...FYI}



Friday, April 8, 2011


{Ignore the cell phone picture}




Obviously i didn't take my camera to Toys R Us.

But I should have.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to My Sweet Charlee!


Mike and I took her to pick out a bike.

She got the one with a baby seat on the back.

She rides it around the house. Cuz well, its COLD and wet outside....ewe.


I haven't had a good weather day to take her 3 year old pictures yet.

If Mother Nature cooperates, then that would be swell.



I love Charlee's Abc's

I love her Twinkle Twinkle little star song.

I love how she likes to wash her hair on the side of the tub she she can watch herself in the mirror.

I love that we have to take 90 stuffed animals to the store.

I love how she will not wear panties OR diapers.......or do what we say.

I love that she is naughty

I love that she is weird.

I love that her favorite movie is Fraggle Rock

I love that she goes to Jackson for protection.

I love her.

Falling Slowly......

Glen Hansard? Your My Idol!

Love this song........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Polka dot day.....

Ive decided Today will be a Polka dot day.

I hate that I am impatient.

Why can't everything Unfold now?




So....Im trying to simplify my days.

clear out the junk, and focus on .....well, little things like POLKADOTS!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love me some.....Adele!

Im learning this song on my guitar.......yup. I feel kinda cool.


Love this song.........Love HER!

Monday, April 4, 2011

waking up to......

Today was a great day.

I woke up to many lovely things. :)



Charlee KNEW we were going swimming......soooo,

her in her swimsuit giving her lovies Yogurt for a morning snack.....

Jackson's tooth EXTREEMLY loose.......I call him Nannie Mcfee!

A friend Randomly dropped off lunch for the little ones and we sat and talked for hours!

so her.



AND, I got flowers delivered.

Im so spoiled. :)

Charlee's pets ready in diapers....for the day. :)




Today was good. :)

Its quiet around here.....but im thankful for the small things i wake up to everyday!





Charlee will be 3 this week.




stay tuned for pictures..........:)