Saturday, April 2, 2011

little things.

Its the little things that heal.

The little things that show love and in return help us FEEL love.



Like randomly coming over to bring a Dt. Coke to someone in need.

Bringing over Pizza to feed a family.

Victoria Secret PINK lotion to uplift a tiny bit.

Unmentionable texts and phonecalls just to say.....I love you. heal a broken heart.



Really, its the small things.

Sometimes we are stripped of everything important to us.....

Its finding out how to claw your way to the top to regain life, love and trust and happiness.


Sorry I have had Blogitis.

You all know how writing and expressing warms me.

Wether anyone reads or warms me.


Its therapy. I have many books and journals telling me so.........

Today's post is for 2 ladies who keep pinching me to blog.

So here I am!

and Here I go......Moving forward!




I actually picked up my camera and took MANY pictures last night...

It was good. Oh, so good!


{J}eannie said...

I really missed reading all the WONDERFUL and FUN things your family is up to. Hope all is well in the West home and you know of the smiles you bring to everyone.:)

Jeri said...

Missed you. :)

I hope you are swell! Can't wait to see the pictures. :) (hint hunt)

Honeybee said...

I have missed seeing your posts too- hope all is well. I could mail you a big bundle of bakers twine if that would help ;) I do need your address anyway to mail you an invite to a Swap I am planning- so fun! Email me from my blog- please.
p.s. I LOVE pink lotion too!!

Candice said...

I have missed your blog posts too! I hope that you are ok and are up to posting the great photos and fun things you do soon! Hugs!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

What happend!