Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So guess what......

I ate a whole bag of damn peanut butter M&M's.


good laws..........


Good Thing this Zumba is kickin my bootie. :)

I love staying home with Charlee....

Even tho she had to go to her room 9 million times yesterday....

I still love it.

We have fun.


Last night She set the table for me.....ALL BY HERSELF!

and dang me....i didn't take a picture!

We all enjoyed her 3.2 second prayer! :)


Im busy with spring sessions.....

holy YIKES!

Everyone wants them done at the same time!

Sure wish MR. sun would come out and play for a few days.

Suuuuuure would be helpful!

I have Easter pictures I will be posting soon!


Looks like a beautiful day.


{in my case a V8 and}




I had to post this email I got from a long lost friend.....

Its these sweet tender mercies that help us grow and become strong and feel loved NO MATTER WHAT!

I'm so grateful to have wokin up to this today.

I hope she doesn't care I shared.

I keep MOST of these treasures secret.....but this one struck me.

love you Miss T!

I feel honored to be her friend!

Hey Annie girl-

First, I have to tell you that you are one of the strongest women that I know. I read your blog and I am lifted, every single time. Lifted by your strength of not being afraid to be you! I hope that you know, realize and fully embrace that this is a talent! A talent from our Heavenly Father and you my friend, are magnifying and sharing, so it continues to grow.

Really, your words, though I don’t know your “story” behind them, they have been the words to my story that I was too stubborn, afraid or stubborn to say myself.

I adore words. I admire words because when you put words together-they can do amazing things. They have great power.

I felt like you needed to know that your words have given me power. Power that I didn’t realize I was missing until I read your words.

Thank you Annie.

Really-you have no idea the strength that your latest words have given me.

You were an answer to my prayers today.

Thank you.

Look at how awesome you are!!

Really though Annie, thank you for saying what you say-having the courage to do what you do, be who you are, wear what you wear and love your lime, coconut Diet coke’s the way you do.

Anytime that you want to open up a world of sonic diet coke’s too me, and hit up the DI-let me know. I would so love to get together.

Have a wonderful, happy night!!!

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