Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Anonymous Commenter.....

I have ten thousand words to say.........



I had an anonymous commenter last night....that I had to delete.

Anonymous.........does that mean anything to you?


Im going to hide my face while I bash you.

Bash you, even tho I don't know you.

Know your situation or care to know.

I just want to bash you cuz I need to feel good about myself.

and Letting you know how horrible of a person you are makes me feel fantastic.

BUT.... Im gunna hide.





Its funny.

I could have flown to Africa and adopted 5 babies, fed the hungry and planted gardens.

But as soon as I show my shortcomings or fall, thats when Satan attacks.

That's where enemies attack.

Why would I listen or care what someone with evil intentions has to say?

someone who points and laughs when others are hurting.




I think they are fools.

and I laugh.

Because that just made me stronger TODAY!

I will become solid as a rock as I once was.........So I thank you.

and it taught me that I NEVER want to be you!


{cute owl eh?.......ya...i painted it and then had it fired.....oh la la!}

Those who don't have enough room in their hearts to help those who hurt....

Well, .......

I pity them

How sad.

They fill their buckets by tearing others down,

Down low....where they are. Suffering in unhappiness..........


Im not any less loved then you.

We all make mistakes...

heard the Saying

"Hate the sin but love the sinner"

WELL, today I have a smile on my face...because Only the strong get trials...

how sad that you don't have any.........:)


Well anonymous commenter,......

I have so many around me loving me...protecting me...lifting me..

caring for me.....pushing me to the light and healing me.

So sad you will never be able to be that kind.



I only hope when you fall....or hurt or have a broken heart that others will swarm you as well....

then you will understand how this whole Atonement works.

Then maybe you will be a TOOL to help others.


One day........

As for now....If you don't like me....

Well, then....ITS SIMPLE!!

don't read my blog.... :)


Dont Look me up....or care so much about my life, All the awesome fantastic great things I do...My flaws, my short comings, how funny I am, how sad somedays are, and how its the little things that make me happy!

Go on your way......and don't care so much. :)


Because who wants to be the kind of person the keeps being deleted?





My sweet friend brought me over these Owl Rings.



My Other friend and I are making this OLD fashion vintage apron dress out on an old SHEET.

Can't wait!!!

Seriousl!y.....Looking for yellow polkadot boots to match.....



Have a swell day!!


Amie said...

You are too awesome for words! I love you to no end Annie!!! You do have loved ones around you, and ALL the good angels too! LOL
Those who throw ugly words around should be looking in the mirror. We laugh at you ugly words people. We feel sorry for you.....The end!

Jeri said...

It's so hard to ignore one mean comment, but that is exactly what you have to do...ignore it! You are so amazing! I look forward to your blog posts, your silly stories, adorable things you make, great photography, and your honesty! I've told you a million times you are like sunshine! I guess this person was staring so hard they got sunburned! :) You'll keep shining, and they can buy some aloe.

Simply Lavender said...

Since I don't want to get down in the sewer with this particular deleted cowardly commenter....I will refrain from sharing my true feelings at this juncture.
Let me just say:
Praise God for trials and struggles we can learn to rise above and become better, stronger and more Christ-like.
Praise God for his infinite love and forgiveness of his children, for the plan of repentance so we each can have hope. Can you even just imagine the horror and torment of having to live with our mistakes our whole lives with no hope of being forgiven and being clean and whole again?
Praise God for each new day before us. A new beginning. A start over.
It takes very little effort and even less character to sling mud.
WE LOVE THE WEST FAMILY!! KEEP GOING!! KEEP FIGHTING!! There is light and victory ahead!
ps..good luck on finding the yellow polk-a-dot boots! :)

The Meyer Family said...

Misery loves company and people who tear others down in their weakest moments just want company :) You're amazing. Never change the way you grow and let your light shine! I love YOU, Annie!

Candice said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...what is wrong with people? Didn't their mommy's teach them that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all? Sorry someone was rude to you! Good for you for being strong! I love your blog posts and all the fun things you do, say, wear, take pics of, your cute kids, etc!

Torri P said...

Some people really need to find better things to do with their time then wasting it leaving mean comments. You are a GREAT person! Beautiful inside and out! It makes me sad that people like that need to leave mean comments to make themselves feel better. Just means they are jealous of you, and everything you have! Keep your confidence high, and NEVER let them bring you down!!

Honeybee said...

Love you! {that was the simple sweet message you left for me one day on my blog} so I'm giving it right back to you :) Oh, & love the adorable owl rings! So stinkin' cute, what a nice friend to run those over to you. Have a good night my blog friend.

Natalie said...

Annie- You're the bomb - way to fight the good fight

PS those owl rings are SOOOOOOOO cute!

Shawntae said...

Yes!! Poo on these stupid anonymous commenters. They obviously love us because they keep coming back for more. Love you girly xoxo

Mike said...

Annie we all make mistakes and i am so glad to hear that you are strong today!

Simply Lavender said...

Hipocrites are always fast to confess other people sins but none of their own. Hipocrites are always first in line to make themselves look important and cut others down so they won't be embarrassed by their own LITTLENESS!
You are loved Annie-girl!! You are powerfully and wonderfully made!
We love you. Your family loves you. Mike loves you. God loves you.


Crowson Clan said...

BOO rude annoymous commenter!! Annie, I LOVE your blog! You are adorable, and honest, and funny! I look forward to new posts from you! Keep it up, and let that meany be deleted!! xoxo Alisha

Dave and Emily said...

Annie- I come to your blog to be inspired and to laugh. Your amazing and people are jealous jerks. Thanks for continuing to post even though someone decided to have a pity party on your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

Just a bed of roses said...

Sorry for your bad experience.
since I don't much about it I will agree with your mothers comments.
Your a fighter and your own person annie!
Keep us laughing okay!
sometimes there are people who just go around being mean on blogs, hoping it was that and not a real person.
I always think they are someone in prison, mentally sick or something.
And like you one begs someone to visit their blogs, they can always leave.

Alisha said...

Seriously...BOO to the haters!! If they don't like, then quit reading. I LOVE all your stories..good and bad! You are so inspiring. I wish I lived closer so I could come over and do all your fun activities. Keep smiling Beautiful!!

Alisha said...

Seriously...Boo to HATERS!! If they don't like then don't come to your blog and read. I LOVE all your stories..good and bad. You are so inspiring! Keep smiling beautiful and most important keep posting!!

Bairdy Bunch said...

I love you annie, and so miiissssssss you! youre such an inspiration! sweet emotion. you truly are an amazing, talented woman!!

Marissa Vargason said...

I think if you have something to say, you need to own up to your words......honestly annie, right now you need to focus on you, and your family. Screw anonymous people, they dont walk in your shoes and honestly, whats worse, what they wrote that you did? or the fact that they took time away from their day, their family and their positiveness to put another down? To me I feel bad for people that really go out of their way to put others down.

bigtallhorses said...

You are truly inspiring, I love your blog, your personality everything! You are also so wise like an owl, fitting that it is your favorite. Thanks for this post, loved it, Wayne. You always make me smile and happy!

bigtallhorses said...

You are so inspiring! Truly, I loved and needed this post today. I love your blog and how you deal daily. You always make me smile and laugh and have such a positive outlook on thinks and are so wonder you love owls. Thanks Wayne! :) love Garth

bigtallhorses said...

oops sorry I posted twice...

Betheny and Jacob said...

Annie...I'm so impressed with who you are. You are just lovely. I love your warmth and willingness to take the high road. I've always admired the way you love life and the way you love people. I love to check in on your blog from time to time and when I do, you always end up inspiring me to do the same. I hate that you are hurting right now. If you need to talk, please do. My parents (and a couple of my siblings, actually) went through the same thing and I learned a lot from it. I hate being nosey or presumtious, so I don't know what I can do to help but just know that I'm just across the street for anything. :)Lots of love. ;)

Stueller said...

Oh.. I am sorry! I don't really know what happen, but you are great. I love your blog, I love your honesty and I love your creativity! Sorry that there has to be people like that out there :(