Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heart deposits!


The emails and comments and texts keep coming..

Im callings these "Heart Deposits"

I am overflowing......

Love is POWERFUL beyond measure!



Let me just say.

A simple Thank you!.

I cry as I read each one....for each one of you has played a amazing part in my life....from 25 years ago...till now. :)

You have "stamped" me.

Thank you for loving me.

I am so inspired that I in return want to do the same.

and I WILL.....I will pay this forward.

These will go to those around me who have been my "NET"

They would NOT let me fall. Not one inch!



What a happy day.




We are proud to also announce Mr. Jax.

Lost his buckie.

How handsome.

My Parents came down to give Charlee her Birthday.......

I love these pictures...

then i realized....I DIDN'T GET ONE WITH Gma and Papa.....hello?

rude of me.

{Sorry mom}

She is Obsessed with Grandma......she must have a picture in her room of them together.

Next time....... :)

She Spent the day yesterday up with Gma as I ventured down to IKEA and did some damage..{oooops}

I am rearranging rooms.....i will keep you posted....soo fantastic.



Her and My mom made a standing flannel board.

SHE IS in heaven!







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