Sunday, March 29, 2009

I will tell you........

Whats going on....:)
My top Ten!
1. Got set apart a second calling."Im going to girls CAMP"!!!
I get to be with Abbie!
Now I want my house to sell in!
2. Whew! Im busy. Just so busy! Im behind....on pretty much everything!
3.Mikes FRAMES will be selling down at Gardner Village Starting in April.
ahhh!!! We are so excited. Its unbelievable! Mike is just so thrilled.
We picked "spring colors" and we are doing a SPRING line.
They will be sold at..."Highlite photography" ....the cutest studio you will ever see.
{Dream big Annie Dream big....,,,} :)
4. Max is doing FAB inside :)
5. I'm cooking a roast today.......yum!
6. I need a maid.
7. Autumn is so excited to be wearing a #$@ like Abbie :)
8. I'm growing my hair out.......{ya right}...still trying!
9.I painted, changed, and re-did 4 rooms in our house in 2 days.....YES I SAID 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I crazy?
yes...NUTS!.. I was
Got home from D. Land Thursday.....painted Friday...moved rooms sat and sun {Saturday I had a photo shoot}...Mon, I packed! Left for Wisconsin on Tuesday. came back Thursday at 1:00 in the morning. Had a newborn shoot Friday, another shoot Yesterday....
now its Sunday.............*sigh* yay!
10. Ok--back to the story on why I had to change rooms......
when we moved here we wanted our room to be downstairs....for Mikes sleeping arrangement...{sleeping nights}
Then when Charlee was born we put her in the room next to us.
well-----we had TONS of showings while in D. Land. and the number one complaint was.,.........
Master room was DOWNSTAIRS!!
huh? serious?
people must can't see that they can do what they want.....
so we made it "MORE" traditional....and switched rooms!
Our room and Charlee's room up
Girls room down!
The end! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Culinary delights in Wisconsin!!!!

Funny building!!
My maden name is "Walker"
we had to stop and take a picture!!!

I had a FANTASTIC time in Wisonsin.
We stayed at a bed and
well----not REALLY...but it was close enough...



Culinary delights?

the stewardess on our flight asked if anyone wanted any culinary

we LAUGHED and thought it was the funnest thing ever.

I think everyone on our flight just HAD to be sick of us when we landed....we laughed and laughed!
A little SILK action!

I have wanted to try this for FOREVER....darren taught me!

Isn't it beautiful!?

He let me use ALL HIS lenses.....I felt spoiled!

I luved his MACRO......Im getting one....its FINAL!

Luv this one!!!!!

Darren is a we got spoiled!

Wonderful Old house!
Where we stayed

He Inspires me........wonderful Photographer!

My sister----I luv her!
Miss SASS!
He has to be one of the most funnest person I know.......WHOOP! {personal joke}

OK-----these pictures below.....we LAUGHED till we did the pee dance or had tears streaming down our face.


The J-Leno!

She needs GOLD TEETH!
lol----look AT ME.!
The "I got ran over BY a bus "

LOL----im not sure what this is!

but my nose is LONG!

The "I live in WHO-VILLE"!

The "Im the rabbit on Alice and Wonderland"

The "Im the doll on SAW"! ew!

ohhhh brother! so funny!!!

It was a quick trip....thought we were going to DIE on the plane flying into Denver on the way home. STORMY like much snow...and it was a scary flight!

We ate Sushi....

yummy shrimp and mexican food!

and we got the cutest rental car....
so cute!

It was so fun to spend some time with my sister........
And one thing about Iowa, Wisconsen....madison, dodgeville-----ENDLESS places to shoot. the URBAN look....Ahhhhhh I was screaming!
I wanted to stop every 3 seconds. everything is OLD!
wonderful trip!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Baby its sunny outside!
Autograph books ROCK!
This is a LONG picture post....:)
This isn't even a dent of pictures...but you get the IDEA!
Jackon LOVED pirates of the C. Just loved it!
Charlee loved it too.......Autumn cried!

Bugs life....coolest show EVER!
{autumn freaked}

Jackson thought this was the neatest hat ever....he still is wearing it.
Nothing like paying 80.00 for 4 hats.....OH THE JOYS!

Getting ready for our shuttel at the hotel!

Sweet Minnie.....luv her!!!
Jackson was shy!

Gotta have minnie ears :)

CHARLEE----her and!
she will find it anywhere....
I thought she looked so KISSABLE in her little suit!

Dumb vegas again.......... :)
We drove past ceaser's palace and we saw the HUGE statue in front.
Jackson says:
Mike: Jesus us a stud huh Jackson?
Me: {hitting mike in the arm} No honey....thats not him...but jesus is very big and strong like that.
HA!!! funniest story ever!
I did a little hotel window light ......
I luv them
I luv the one of Jackson....he is starting out the window at Mike walking to the car.
Our room was REALLY high up.
{Look at da cute}

Disneyland TRIP must haves:
BINKI thing ever invented
LOTS of treats in the car...and I mean LOTS!
dvd system with ear phones. so quiet!
bubble gum for plugged ears
your own stroller....glad we took ours!
Mini bottels....LOL
Seperate money envelopes....WHO ELSE DOES THOSE?
Over the shoulder BAG...hands free!
ziplock baggies..{to seperate treats in car, collect shells...ect}
a GOOD MAP....ha! thanks kristi! Yes we got lost....
good shoes....don't wear flip flops to D. Land :)
and a Crap load of wet wipes.
Im sure there are other things....but its 11:00 and Im tired!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wanna go BACK...........

I loved the beach.....Luved it MORE then Disneyland.....
I wanna go back. So bad!
It was the best weather EVER!

One pic from California Adventure......
I have SO many pictures I will have to post a few at a time :)
The drive wasn't that bad....we drove to VEGAS {many funny stories to tell}
and stayed there the first night....
We just kept giving charlee food to keep her happy!
One FUNNY Jackson Minute: {i have so many}
We saw weener dogs at the beach.....Autumn says WHAT CUTE WEENER DOGS!
5 or 10 MINUTES later Jackson says:
Look dad a WEENER
{he didnt get it..}
more to come----

Friday, March 13, 2009

AND WE ARE OFF.........................................

We won't be back till many a
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
M.i.c.k.e.y M.o.u.s.e.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK info -a- rama!


{Pictures above}......I LOVE MY SISTERS!

All of them!

I feel so so so LUCKY to have 4 older sisters who I adore and who adore me {they better or I will stab them}

Kristi and I are 5 years apart......we have been through some tough times.

Kristi has found that light at the end of the tunnel. I love her. And I love "BIG D" TOO!

"GREAT things come at a time when no one expects it!"

WELL----this use to be a HUGE MESS......

Max our dog........he has been inside, we are training our 3 year old lab to be inside/outside. So we feel he is more part of our family.

well-----he has been doing AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just amazing!

I left real quick to go pick up Jackson from pre-school. I walked in the door and see ALL MY YARN ALL OVER THE FRONT ROOM....ripped apart. I just came back from hobby lobby this morning so excited that I spend $25 on yarn to make cocoons and stuff on our trip to Disneyland.



yup!----he took EVERYONE OUT of the sac.

I walked in the door......WTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{ what the crap}

His tail goes under.....and outside he went!

RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Im venting and letting it all out on blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{I yelled while typing that}

Ok----next story!

I drove up to logan Monday morning....left at 8:00 to be to an appt my 9:00

Our DVD system we had installed in our durango stopped working. The sceen would not turn on.

So I HAD to have it fixed before our trip.

well-----needless to say....HI WINTER STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow....never in my life have drivin in such yucky-ness.

My mom told me the night before.....DON'T GO!



Well I made it there safely.....dropped off my car, went shopping met my sister for lunch. and headed down the canyon again.

well it was WORSE on the way down. Locked my durango in 4 WHEEL drive and off I went.

At one was just where I was almost wanting to cry.

we were going 10 miles an hour---bumper to bumper following diesels.

10 miles an hour was even to fast for how bad it was.



Right in front of me.......3 cars sliding......they pull to the sides so they don't hit anyone....I start to slide......and then start fish tailing....until I land on ONCOMING traffic.

if anyone would have come, they would have hit charlee's side.

I slowy creeped into the meadan.

I wanted to GUN it...but knew it was way to slippery.

I sat in the meadan and cried!



I looked back at jackson. He was gluded watching Shrek.

had no Idea!

Charlee was sleeping.

I minute ago there was so many cars going the other way.

but for some reason while I sat there for FOREVER{so it seems}

not one car! :)


I got back on the road and finally made it home safely 2 hours later.

Im so thankful for my angels watching over me yesterday!!!!!!!!

OK-----I made {from SCRATCH} Homemade salsa and cashew Chicken


lol..........I never cook!

what a surprise!!

It was yummy!

Abbie is in a play today at school.

Autumn had a viola recital and played ALL ALONE....I bought her the cutest little dress so she would feel special!

Jackson told me:

Jackson: Mom, I have a situation

me: you do?

Jackson: yes.....LOOOOOOOK! pointed to his back....he picked a scab.


A situation? lol!!!



Jacskon: Mom our kitchen stinks

me: well its cus I put a dirty diaper in the garbage

Jackson: Mom, I told you our house is a dump!





Mom, you are the best mom ever.

Thank you for buying Yummy soap.


Sorry if the words are misspelled..:)

Im typing in a hurry!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


LOOK on my photography BLOG for a Sweet {Style} Give-a-way!!!!!!
Just in time for Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

measure shmeasure!

I have a very {sweet} friend.......
who measured herself.....posted and changing her measurements every 2 weeks.
I haven't posted yet.....
THEN I got thinking......Im going to a place where I can have BIG PICKLES....churro's, pretzels, ice cream....gummies {my fav}-----and those candy DOTS....remember those?
So friend of mine....who I love dearly.........
IT WILL have to
I cannot be RESTRICTED at D. Land!
Woot Woot!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Our doggy MAX!
We luv him..........
HOW CAN YOU NOT?.....isn't he cute?

Ok---here is the deal.
Max lives outside. In a nice insulated DOG house mike made for him.{It even has a}
We are feeling that more and more MAX isn't part of the family like he use to be. Being outside all the time...alone...... :(
He is not potty trained.........he has no manners
{except to sit...stay...come.....}
WE WANT HIM inside with us....we want him to calm down {he is so hyper}
We love him so much!
While we are in D. Land the 14th -20th.......
we want him to go stay with a DOG trainer/boarding place....
So when we come home---he will have manners and be calm. and Potty trained.
LABS are smart....he is 3 years old, So i know it can be done.
Im putting this out on my blog just in case someone sees it....STRANGERS or not...if they can help!!!!!!!!!!
Save the MAX......LOL!