Saturday, March 28, 2009

Culinary delights in Wisconsin!!!!

Funny building!!
My maden name is "Walker"
we had to stop and take a picture!!!

I had a FANTASTIC time in Wisonsin.
We stayed at a bed and
well----not REALLY...but it was close enough...



Culinary delights?

the stewardess on our flight asked if anyone wanted any culinary

we LAUGHED and thought it was the funnest thing ever.

I think everyone on our flight just HAD to be sick of us when we landed....we laughed and laughed!
A little SILK action!

I have wanted to try this for FOREVER....darren taught me!

Isn't it beautiful!?

He let me use ALL HIS lenses.....I felt spoiled!

I luved his MACRO......Im getting one....its FINAL!

Luv this one!!!!!

Darren is a we got spoiled!

Wonderful Old house!
Where we stayed

He Inspires me........wonderful Photographer!

My sister----I luv her!
Miss SASS!
He has to be one of the most funnest person I know.......WHOOP! {personal joke}

OK-----these pictures below.....we LAUGHED till we did the pee dance or had tears streaming down our face.


The J-Leno!

She needs GOLD TEETH!
lol----look AT ME.!
The "I got ran over BY a bus "

LOL----im not sure what this is!

but my nose is LONG!

The "I live in WHO-VILLE"!

The "Im the rabbit on Alice and Wonderland"

The "Im the doll on SAW"! ew!

ohhhh brother! so funny!!!

It was a quick trip....thought we were going to DIE on the plane flying into Denver on the way home. STORMY like much snow...and it was a scary flight!

We ate Sushi....

yummy shrimp and mexican food!

and we got the cutest rental car....
so cute!

It was so fun to spend some time with my sister........
And one thing about Iowa, Wisconsen....madison, dodgeville-----ENDLESS places to shoot. the URBAN look....Ahhhhhh I was screaming!
I wanted to stop every 3 seconds. everything is OLD!
wonderful trip!


Heidi said...

Wisconsin looks like so much more fun with your perspective!!

Amie said...

k, i'm peeing myself!! those pics were GREAT! my fav is the whoville one!! LOL can't wait to have some of that at out family parties!!!

Keri said...

What a great post Annie!! Well worth the wait. I personally like the Whoville and the Alice and Wondering rabbit. CUTE CUTE picture of Kristi and Darren at the beginning. awww man!

Keri said...

That's -- Alice in Wonderland -- yep!

I type to fast for my own good.

Stacy said...

I love a man in Carhartts!!

Megan said...

What were you doing in Wisconsin? You are quite the traveler these days! :)

Jeri said...

I am so glad you included all the crazy pictures! (As well as the good ones!) They are so funnY!

Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Marissa Vargason said...

OmG!!! im rolling on the floor laughing you crack me up!