Friday, March 27, 2009


Baby its sunny outside!
Autograph books ROCK!
This is a LONG picture post....:)
This isn't even a dent of pictures...but you get the IDEA!
Jackon LOVED pirates of the C. Just loved it!
Charlee loved it too.......Autumn cried!

Bugs life....coolest show EVER!
{autumn freaked}

Jackson thought this was the neatest hat ever....he still is wearing it.
Nothing like paying 80.00 for 4 hats.....OH THE JOYS!

Getting ready for our shuttel at the hotel!

Sweet Minnie.....luv her!!!
Jackson was shy!

Gotta have minnie ears :)

CHARLEE----her and!
she will find it anywhere....
I thought she looked so KISSABLE in her little suit!

Dumb vegas again.......... :)
We drove past ceaser's palace and we saw the HUGE statue in front.
Jackson says:
Mike: Jesus us a stud huh Jackson?
Me: {hitting mike in the arm} No honey....thats not him...but jesus is very big and strong like that.
HA!!! funniest story ever!
I did a little hotel window light ......
I luv them
I luv the one of Jackson....he is starting out the window at Mike walking to the car.
Our room was REALLY high up.
{Look at da cute}

Disneyland TRIP must haves:
BINKI thing ever invented
LOTS of treats in the car...and I mean LOTS!
dvd system with ear phones. so quiet!
bubble gum for plugged ears
your own stroller....glad we took ours!
Mini bottels....LOL
Seperate money envelopes....WHO ELSE DOES THOSE?
Over the shoulder BAG...hands free!
ziplock baggies..{to seperate treats in car, collect shells...ect}
a GOOD MAP....ha! thanks kristi! Yes we got lost....
good shoes....don't wear flip flops to D. Land :)
and a Crap load of wet wipes.
Im sure there are other things....but its 11:00 and Im tired!


Keri said...

Whoopeee DEE DOOO!! Love the pictures....especially Charlee's cheesy squinty grin! The beach definitely is the highlight! I wish when people got old that would be as kissable in a swimsuit like Charlee's.

Ehlers Family said...

Im so jealous.. I have never been but I want to go so bad.. How fun.. I am still laughing about the Jesus story!! haha. Jackson is a cutie pie! How is the house situation going? Any bites yet?

Megan said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all! Looks like it was sunny and just plain gorgeous while you were there! I am so glad you got to go! I love the picture outside Minnie's house. Sasha loved that the best, I think!

Did anyone go on "The Tower of Terror"??!! That ride rocks.

Heidi said...

I LOVE THE FIRST PICTURE!! Charlee is a dream! I'm so glad it was so much fun!!

Jeri said...

I am dying over your hotel room pictures!!! DYING! I love them. What a fantastic trip.

Did you think having your big camera with you all the time was a bummer, or was it no big deal? I always take my p&s instead.