Wednesday, September 29, 2010

serenade me..............

I have been looking for an Old Record player like this for months.
Today I stumbled upon this one.
It looked well taken care of, so I took the chance and bought it.
I got it home, unloaded and plugged it in....and......

The radio, the speakers, when I turn it to the Record player dial the record turns and it looks like it works too. WISH I had a record. dang it.
Someone told me to add a Ipod Docking station to it... :)
Records remind me of my dad.
we grew up with MANY records and the record player playing all the time.
My dad has a HUGE record collection!
I will paint it white and
put this in my bedroom and will start a collection of records.
I love the scratching sound as the music plays.
Frank Sinatra anyone?

out into the world..........

Have a good day at school girls!
Remember who you are.
be safe.
Don't play with snakes.
Smile at everyone.
Be Kind.
Be good.
Lift others.
don't be bossy.
don't flirt.
don't look at any boys.
Infact, fart around them. Then they will stay away.
The world is beautiful....
The world is also scary......
and I have to send these two girls out into it EVERYDAY!

I can't wait till the time I get to see them walk down the street coming home.........

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thats IT! I want 5 more..........

I finally GOT ONE!
oh, how I have wanted one for MONTHS NOW!
I got the Color Lavender.
Reason being {i did want orange} I wanted to get something that didn't match anything in my
so it would stand out more. :)
It will be hung in my Office!
I want one in every room.........just the look of them is so calming!
I got it on ETSY.
she sizes them to fit these IKEA frames.
with lots of different colors.

Well today was our first venture to the store with her new "HAIRCUT" {Sigh}
I made sure she had a bow on so she looked like a GIRL from behind. {double Sigh}
We got her a little kitty that "Meow's" when you pet it...and wiggles its tail.
she Squealed like a little girl and laughed and it was a MUST to add to our cart.
She hasn't put it down yet.
Altho she keeps tattling on seems to be a naughty kitty.


This is Jax's BUD!
lives across the street.
they are so similar.....all the way to what fighter guys they love and BOOTS!
{or maybe its us moms that are similar?}
They are such good friends!!!

Mike and I just purchased our very first NFL football game tickets
We will be attending the San Diego Chargers Game.
A little alone time trip for just Him and I.
We are counting down the days!!!!!
Autumn Woke me up at 5:30 this morning to tell me there is a HUGE SPIDER in the bathroom downstairs....
I did NOT get up!
and it took her 2 hours...but she did kill it herself while screaming.

Abbie's Birthday party is this weekend. She will be turning 14. {eek}
I am throwing her a "Movie with Abbie night"
we will be watching a movie with a projecter outside.
I rented a popcorn machine.
and 25 kids are invited.......WHAT THE............

Sunday, September 26, 2010

she did the KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Hair.
A whole lot of it.

Gave herself a Mullet!
RAN her over to my neighbors house this morning to fix it.
{thank you dena}
its not so mulletish....and she looks like Kate Gosselin.
BUT...i guess it could be worse?

So late last night.
everyone tucked in bed.
9:30 rolls around and I needed to leave to go grab abbie at the corn maze.
when I returned i came up stairs to see bits and peices of BLOND HAIR up the stairs, in the hall and i followed it into her bedroom to find her BALD.....
"Hi mom! Pretty?"
Ahhhhhhh.....I wanted to CRY!
I cleaned up the Piles of blond.
put her back in bed.
and sat on my bed and stared at the wall.
In shock.
My pretty little blond hair blue eyed girl is now a boy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strong and Wonderful.

Dear Mike,
I know today is hard.
Yesterday was hard.
Tomorrow will be hard.
I can't believe its been one full year since your dads passing.
I just wanted to write you to tell you somethings as I ponder today.----
I know your dad is standing strong and proud.
Of you.
I can describe you in two words.
Strong and Wonderful.
How can he not be so proud?
I know you miss him.
I know you need him.
And I am the ever so lucky one that gets to be there for you.
I found this picture and It reminded me of TODAY.
We can get lost in the world...and sometimes feel lonely,
BUT, if you focus on the center, the foundation, the core...of US and who we are.....
we come to realize just how wonderful life is.
and we are so lucky to know your dad is with us everyday. :)
He loves you.

I love you more today then ever.
And I will love you MORE tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Picture hung.
Ruffle Pillow made.

Pillow $4
White Linen Sheet $5
$9 Total.
and so EASY!!


Today is bliss.
Its cloudy.....breezy with rain on the way.
I Opened up the window next to me so I can smell the rain. . .
I got up early and visited a few of my favorite places.... :)
Platos Closet...{I scored big time}
and Hobby Lobby.
Came home to put charlee down for a nap.
. .
Now its quiet and smells like rain.

I am loving Old Candy Dishes lately.
I have collected 6 so far.

its like Christmas every time I find one!

I found these green Goblets. 6 of them. perfect!

i ripped out pages from an old book.......wet them. Modge pod-ed them.
the end.
So cute eh?

So here is my BIG print of the Flower I took pictures of. {24x20}
Mike made this frame. all I need is glass.....
now, don't think im insane.....BUT......
im re-doing my office downstairs, A friend of mine and I will be mouthing beadboard on the ceiling then painting the whole room. WHO NEEDS A MAN TO USE MAN TOOLS?
I guess this is what Happens when your husband works alot.....and when the wife is an impatient one. :)
anyways.....back to the Flower pic.
This will be hung in the office.
love it.
I love the feeling I get when I walk by it.
I wrote "keep calm Carry on" in the corner.
{the yellow isn't that yellow...its actually a soft pale yellow}

Ok-----love this spring? {Brenda does it look familiar?} Its an Old Spring from some sort of mattress......... I decided to bring it down stairs and use for all my little pictures.....charlee LOVES THIS. she will stand forever and name all the people. Over and Over.

Cute place for the dresser eh?
:) Thought so...........

Last night as we all sat on our bed and watched GLEE {love} Jax and Charlee played fighter guys! lol! so funny to watch charlee make fighter guy noises and KICK! Hiii-ya!!!! . . .
oh----AND ps. Charlee can now climb up to the TOP bunk ....ALONE!

i knew this would happen.......give her a DAY!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I can do it I can do it I can do it.

I painted these suckers.
{ran out of paint in the middle, had to go to the store and have them match it}
I bought dowels and used MIKES SAW and cut them oh so perfectly.
{i know i know}
I hauled them UPSTAIRS. sweating!
I assembled them.
and then...
all by myself......they are done!
And charlee took her first nap in her bed today.

Mike will be so proud when he gets home!
I love all the room they now have to play! :)
Im a little irritated but trying to let it go about the non matching bedspreads.
is it really that big of deal?
Then the thought came.
i do have quilt stands....
since I have nothing else to do.........right?


Here is todays after school snack for the Jr High Kids.....
I love putting these together!
and I love listening to them GAB about girls, boys, clothes, weekends, cell phones, music, and who was the MEANEST TODAY...and........Did you see what she WAS WEARING?

Fresh Salsa. {its so good}
Lime Chips.
Peanut butter and reeses cookies.

I got a HUGE print order from the UPS man today.
I got this standout of Mike and I. I love.

No Im not BORED!!!!!!!
im just trying to make the world a prettier place. Thats all.
Maybe It will start a trend?

Monday, September 20, 2010

bitter sweet.

I took Charlee's crib down.
I was fine until I was actually carrying the pieces down to the basement.
Then it hit me. I will never put up a crib again...until Im a grandma!
it was so sad to think that.
I have loved my babies. And all the 80 Pieces of furniture that goes with them.
This was the last to go.
So We still have been searching for a bunk bed for Jax and Charlee...
Mike was going to make one, had the plans all ready UNTIL............................................
I snagged THIS BEAUTY at the DI for $30
I did the shuffle in the store. I was too excited.
{and plus as much as mike is working lately i know he did the shuffle also}
I texted Mike this:
Mike calls me:
Hey, so what you doing?....
Im at the DI picking up a bunk bed.......eeeeee HONEY it was only $30 and I can paint it WHITE!.
Cool! So, what did you buy that was so exciting today?
Oh. Cool!
Oh, Whatever.......
Maybe Im the only one that gets a high OFF finding
So today....
Im painting it white!
Love the little book shelves for the headboards.
can't wait to get bedding :)

I also Found These two Mirrors for My toilet room.....
and.....................I hung them myself. Found the studs and everything.
Im so cool.
Now, can you see in the Mirror the drawers that is behind the door?
it looks like a LARGE changing
I have NEVER known what to do with this space...?

Charlee sews with me.
eats with me.
baths with me.
sits with me.
walks with me.
She is becoming a mini me.
We made her baby blankets for her little babies....she loved picking out the fabric and then helping me push the fabric through the sewing machine.
We have been trying to eat dinner as a family around the Kitchen table EVERY NIGHT!
Its been working out splended!
We then go around the table {tradition of my sister and mom and dad} and say:
favorite part of the day?
what you learned?
and how you feel right now.
We got to Jackson......
he says:
"What I learned today was that i have a talent, and My talent is when I run away from girls at school. Im really good at it"
I love little boys!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today was a simple day.
And I liked every minute.
{Jax is always!}

Friday, September 17, 2010

I do.

Im heading down today to capture and photograph my very FIRST WEDDING!
So grateful for my second shooter {Marissa from Marissa Vargason Photography} to assist me as my nerves are on fire.
and I want to capture it perfectly for her.
Tears, The I do's and laughter!!
Wish me Luck.
Today is Bliss!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Family is the very MOST important thing.
We all say that.
But until you come close to losing the ones you love, you realize what you will give up to spend more time developing relationships to treasure forever.
I'm talkin Eternity!
What will you do....... What Will I do......
for the ones I/we love?
How will I serve them and create KNOTS to bond our relationship so STRONG that they will never unravel.
ever. ever. ever.

This one is going big!

There are so many more I love.
Thanks to My friend Jeri In Maryland.
I will cherish these forever!
We never EVER know what tomorrow brings......
but IF we do what we can to create a relationship no one can rip apart......
it doesn't matter anyways. :)
Go hug your husband
Go hug your kids!
even your dog! :)

Little girl.

What is better then little girls?
{besides little boys}
This little girl is pure Joy.
she Heals.
she makes you want to try harder and do better.
She is the PERFECT little caboose to our Family.

Its hard to be 2!

{Binky? I know! Been months without it, we took down her crib on sat, cleaned out ALL the toys and organized every single one. In the process we found 7 binkies.........ya, YOU try and get rid of those suckers......dare ya!}

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I Got to take School pictures of My sisters Kids this weekend.
PERFECT session.
In and out in 15. :)
LOVE this picture.

{Amie it has to go big}

I spent some of the weekend at My moms......
I love my mom's House.
ENDLESS possibilities to create.
You could spend hours looking and thinking there.
Here is what I came up with. :)


This Picture I took a while back.......Just printed it.
Mike made an amazing frame for it. Its aqua with dark shoe polish stain. :)
I will post when I get glass and hang it.

I love life.
I love me.
Love the little ones.
Love the love of my life.
Love my daily routine.
Love change.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Place.

Im kinda addicted.
To making pillows.
Im making them for every place you lay or sit on.
BUT, i may not be making any round ones anytime soon. Many swear words. :)

She loves my bed.
Lays there all morning watching Mickey mouse club house and Yo gabba gabba.
can I blame her?
I want to lay there all morning too.

I love having a pretty bed.
and I actually MAKE IT in the mornings...........pat on the back for me.
for all those who wanted to know the paint color.?
its "Swan Sea" By Behr at Home depot.
Mike actually picked it out. Pretty good eh?

I got My print today of Mike and I on the Golf cart Kissing.
Love it.
Mike is gunna make a frame for it....and I have the perfect spot in our room.

I feel so spoiled making my bedroom a beautiful place to be.
but----if we think about it? its the MOST important place....
where we wind down at night.
get rejuvenated for the day to come.
feel refreshed.
and share our hearts.
why wouldn't we want it a beautiful place to be. :)

Its time to make changes!!