Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thats IT! I want 5 more..........

I finally GOT ONE!
oh, how I have wanted one for MONTHS NOW!
I got the Color Lavender.
Reason being {i did want orange} I wanted to get something that didn't match anything in my house...lol
so it would stand out more. :)
It will be hung in my Office!
I want one in every room.........just the look of them is so calming!
I got it on ETSY.
she sizes them to fit these IKEA frames.
with lots of different colors.

Well today was our first venture to the store with her new "HAIRCUT" {Sigh}
I made sure she had a bow on so she looked like a GIRL from behind. {double Sigh}
We got her a little kitty that "Meow's" when you pet it...and wiggles its tail.
she Squealed like a little girl and laughed and laughed.....so it was a MUST to add to our cart.
She hasn't put it down yet.
Altho she keeps tattling on it........it seems to be a naughty kitty.


This is Jax's BUD!
lives across the street.
they are so similar.....all the way to what fighter guys they love and BOOTS!
{or maybe its us moms that are similar?}
They are such good friends!!!

Mike and I just purchased our very first NFL football game tickets
We will be attending the San Diego Chargers Game.
A little alone time trip for just Him and I.
We are counting down the days!!!!!
Autumn Woke me up at 5:30 this morning to tell me there is a HUGE SPIDER in the bathroom downstairs....
I did NOT get up!
and it took her 2 hours...but she did kill it herself while screaming.

Abbie's Birthday party is this weekend. She will be turning 14. {eek}
I am throwing her a "Movie with Abbie night"
we will be watching a movie with a projecter outside.
I rented a popcorn machine.
and 25 kids are invited.......WHAT THE............


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I do believe you need one in every room Annie!

Jeri said...

Love the lavender.
Love the best friend photos.
Simone loves that kitty...keeps pointing to it. =)