Monday, September 6, 2010


I like having and wearing things no one else has......
so I like to add too and re-do.

I wore this Cardigan to church yesterday.......Ohhhhh it was TOO CUTE!

Look at this gobblet candy dish. My MOST FAVORITE! :)
Projects I'm working on:
Finding Jax and Charlee a bunkbed. ANYONE????
Painting my room.
Making pilliows for my bed
New bedding. {too pretty to sleep on} :)
Mikes framing in our bathroom mirror. {ahh, so cute}
Painting my bathroom.
Stack of clothes ready to "Re-do"
Mikes making frames for new prints I ordered.
I will post pictures.
This weekend flew by WAY TO FAST.


Lizzy Docea said...

I am in LOVE with the cardigan you made. Simply gorgeous! You are so creative!!!

Jeri said...

Yum! You are so cute! I am the same way with clothes! I love to be different, even if that means searching for the "UGLY" stuff on the racks. I can rock some ugly!

Hey, Do you remember shopping at DI and then coming home and taking scissors and a box of safety pins to what we bought? LOVED THOSE DAYS!

Matt S. said...

So Howz those Pilliows coming? Just Kidding!!...Ogden sounds good for running - but that is a spring race, so you have to be willing to do some off-season training!