Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today is bliss.
Its cloudy.....breezy with rain on the way.
I Opened up the window next to me so I can smell the rain. . .
I got up early and visited a few of my favorite places.... :)
Platos Closet...{I scored big time}
and Hobby Lobby.
Came home to put charlee down for a nap.
. .
Now its quiet and smells like rain.

I am loving Old Candy Dishes lately.
I have collected 6 so far.

its like Christmas every time I find one!

I found these green Goblets. 6 of them. perfect!

i ripped out pages from an old book.......wet them. Modge pod-ed them.
the end.
So cute eh?

So here is my BIG print of the Flower I took pictures of. {24x20}
Mike made this frame. all I need is glass.....
now, don't think im insane.....BUT......
im re-doing my office downstairs, A friend of mine and I will be mouthing beadboard on the ceiling then painting the whole room. WHO NEEDS A MAN TO USE MAN TOOLS?
I guess this is what Happens when your husband works alot.....and when the wife is an impatient one. :)
anyways.....back to the Flower pic.
This will be hung in the office.
love it.
I love the feeling I get when I walk by it.
I wrote "keep calm Carry on" in the corner.
{the yellow isn't that yellow...its actually a soft pale yellow}

Ok-----love this spring? {Brenda does it look familiar?} Its an Old Spring from some sort of mattress......... I decided to bring it down stairs and use for all my little pictures.....charlee LOVES THIS. she will stand forever and name all the people. Over and Over.

Cute place for the dresser eh?
:) Thought so...........

Last night as we all sat on our bed and watched GLEE {love} Jax and Charlee played fighter guys! lol! so funny to watch charlee make fighter guy noises and KICK! Hiii-ya!!!! . . .
oh----AND ps. Charlee can now climb up to the TOP bunk ....ALONE!

i knew this would happen.......give her a DAY!


Jeri said...

YAY! You are so busy! I love that! I bought 15 of the cutest green goblets in my MIL's consignment store for $15!! Then it cost me $45 to ship them here. GAG.

I love your yellow flower picture. Hey, don't do glass, do non-glare acrylic. It's cheap, and doesn't weigh as much...and the obvious bonus...non-glare. =) Try American frame maybe?

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Looks like the pictures/on old truck springs are a perfect babysitter for you two little ones.

Since your marathon I am seeing lots of energy around there.
I mean the after school snacks, thats amazing, would make the teens want to bring all their friends to YOUR house Annie!

You may need to calm down TO carry on you busy bee!