Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So....Mike and I worked on our bedroom over the long weekend.
we had SO MUCH FUN! {mike don't lie, you loved it}
We painted Lovely Robin egg blue.
.....and i have all this DECOR all over the floor and I DUNNO WHERE TO PUT IT!
mom? help!

I got this dresser at the DI. $35. painted it black.
I think it fits perfectly if I say so myself! :)
I also got new bedding........CAN you say RUFFLES?
I want to BE a ruffle. A big fat Ruffle.
I made this long pillow.....but i need 12 other pillows...lol
I just know mike will LOVE THAT!

I have this empty space up above........{and walls}
and I am CLUELESS...
bedrooms are HARD for me!

Im so lost!!

here are some Pillows {see em pillows matt?}
I worked on today....Im going to attempt ROUND pillows.......I hope they turn out Round!

Mike made this beautiful frame to frame in our mirror.
he also made this shelf with an old fan shutter I have had for YEARS.
and HE, designed this very shelf....
I have to admit, he has good ideas too. lol

OK! NOW.......
here is this weeks after school snack for the Jr High kids... :)
I did banana Splits.

They seem to be really liking this!
and so do I! :)

Off to bed. I'M POOPED!
and P.s. CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL. :)


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Better think about that family above the bed...REALLY ANNIE!

Love everything else though!

Shellie said...

Always Love seeing what you are up to! Love it!

kriznizzel said...

Your room looks great.

Greg & Jess said...

What paint color is your "Robin's Egg"? I have been hunting all weekend for this color - tough to find! Love it!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

LOVE your room!!! Do ya have leftovers??? :)

The Meyer Family said...

Awesome Annie! Thanks for the tour ;) pretty amazing talent.

Plain City Dickamores said...

Love!! Love the frame around your mirror:) and i love the after school snack ideas..