Sunday, September 26, 2010

she did the KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Hair.
A whole lot of it.

Gave herself a Mullet!
RAN her over to my neighbors house this morning to fix it.
{thank you dena}
its not so mulletish....and she looks like Kate Gosselin.
BUT...i guess it could be worse?

So late last night.
everyone tucked in bed.
9:30 rolls around and I needed to leave to go grab abbie at the corn maze.
when I returned i came up stairs to see bits and peices of BLOND HAIR up the stairs, in the hall and i followed it into her bedroom to find her BALD.....
"Hi mom! Pretty?"
Ahhhhhhh.....I wanted to CRY!
I cleaned up the Piles of blond.
put her back in bed.
and sat on my bed and stared at the wall.
In shock.
My pretty little blond hair blue eyed girl is now a boy.


~Ali~ said...

sounds like you will be doing alot of shopping for cute hats! Little stinker!

Jeri said...

Charlee! I wish I could tell you that it will get better, but it won't! Natalia cut her hair last week, this is like the ninth time. I told her I would shave it off if she did it again. She is almost SIX though.

Time for a cute box with a lock on it, and a timer inside! Anytime scissors leave the box, the timer is set.


Natalie said...

Oh MY - that girl has cut her hair more than anyone I know - so sorry!!! You need to put those scissors under lock and key. Gotta say the recovery DO is cute though :)

Nicole said...

Poor baby! I can see the tears on her cheeks in that first picture. She was probably like, what's wrong? No pretty? Lol.......go buy lots of hats and throw away every pair of scissors you own! Glad you snapped pictures anyway!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

you mean she cut it again after going to get it fixed???
holy smOley!

Megan said...

Holy CRAP!!! I am sorry, but I am laughing out loud right now! She is seriously such a FART!!!!! UGH! It looks cute, though! Your friend did a dange good job of "fixing" it!

Heidi Hiller said...

That would be a great reason to cry!

Shellie said...

Rolling on floor laughing hahah! (sorry!) but my daughter did the same thing. Not funny at the time, I know, but you will laugh later. Charlee actually did a good job, I love the new stylish do! So cute!