Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I can do it I can do it I can do it.

I painted these suckers.
{ran out of paint in the middle, had to go to the store and have them match it}
I bought dowels and used MIKES SAW and cut them oh so perfectly.
{i know i know}
I hauled them UPSTAIRS. sweating!
I assembled them.
and then...
all by myself......they are done!
And charlee took her first nap in her bed today.

Mike will be so proud when he gets home!
I love all the room they now have to play! :)
Im a little irritated but trying to let it go about the non matching bedspreads.
is it really that big of deal?
Then the thought came.
i do have quilt stands....
since I have nothing else to do.........right?


Here is todays after school snack for the Jr High Kids.....
I love putting these together!
and I love listening to them GAB about girls, boys, clothes, weekends, cell phones, music, and who was the MEANEST TODAY...and........Did you see what she WAS WEARING?

Fresh Salsa. {its so good}
Lime Chips.
Peanut butter and reeses cookies.

I got a HUGE print order from the UPS man today.
I got this standout of Mike and I. I love.

No Im not BORED!!!!!!!
im just trying to make the world a prettier place. Thats all.
Maybe It will start a trend?


Jason and Mallie said...

CUte trash cans....Wish my mom had those kinds of afternoon snacks for me when I was little!

oops! said...

Hi!!!! You gave me a fresh salsa recipe years ago! Still one of my Favorites!!!

Stacy said...

I have quilt stands. For all my free time that I spend starting quilts but never finishing them

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Your looking like mother of the year over here Annie!

ha ha on the polka dot garbage cans...I really should do that at the shop...oh my!

Jeri said...

I am not going to read your blog anymore...it makes me tired.

I LOVE YOU! I am so glad you ordered some of the images so quick. I should get mine delivered to my door soon!!!! Hooray!

Erin said...

You scored with those bunkbeds! Serious, those are SO cute. Good job on the finish work!

LOVE the garbage cans too. VERY clever :)

I really think you are SUPER WOMEN!
I look at your blog for inspiration on a regular basis!!

Marvett Smith said...

Cute bunk beds Annie! Here's a thought for your quilts. I did this for my kids about a year ago. I saved up some of their clothes that were my very favorites and cut them up stitched them together and made quilts for their beds. I let them choose the fabric for the backside. They turned out so cute, and it's fun for them to remember things that the scraps of clothing bring back for them. I know. You are very creative and probably don't need ideas, but just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work. Being you is a great job!

Nicole said...

Oh my word.....did you really paint your garbage cans? My hell, I'm just hoping to shower and put up Fall decor today. YOU MAKE ME TIRED!!! ;)

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Who is that child w/ clothes on in the bunk bed picture!!?

Holli said...

ok, I like the polka dot garbage cans. i may just do that too. then you would be starting a trend.