Monday, September 20, 2010

bitter sweet.

I took Charlee's crib down.
I was fine until I was actually carrying the pieces down to the basement.
Then it hit me. I will never put up a crib again...until Im a grandma!
it was so sad to think that.
I have loved my babies. And all the 80 Pieces of furniture that goes with them.
This was the last to go.
So We still have been searching for a bunk bed for Jax and Charlee...
Mike was going to make one, had the plans all ready UNTIL............................................
I snagged THIS BEAUTY at the DI for $30
I did the shuffle in the store. I was too excited.
{and plus as much as mike is working lately i know he did the shuffle also}
I texted Mike this:
Mike calls me:
Hey, so what you doing?....
Im at the DI picking up a bunk bed.......eeeeee HONEY it was only $30 and I can paint it WHITE!.
Cool! So, what did you buy that was so exciting today?
Oh. Cool!
Oh, Whatever.......
Maybe Im the only one that gets a high OFF finding
So today....
Im painting it white!
Love the little book shelves for the headboards.
can't wait to get bedding :)

I also Found These two Mirrors for My toilet room.....
and.....................I hung them myself. Found the studs and everything.
Im so cool.
Now, can you see in the Mirror the drawers that is behind the door?
it looks like a LARGE changing
I have NEVER known what to do with this space...?

Charlee sews with me.
eats with me.
baths with me.
sits with me.
walks with me.
She is becoming a mini me.
We made her baby blankets for her little babies....she loved picking out the fabric and then helping me push the fabric through the sewing machine.
We have been trying to eat dinner as a family around the Kitchen table EVERY NIGHT!
Its been working out splended!
We then go around the table {tradition of my sister and mom and dad} and say:
favorite part of the day?
what you learned?
and how you feel right now.
We got to Jackson......
he says:
"What I learned today was that i have a talent, and My talent is when I run away from girls at school. Im really good at it"
I love little boys!


Jeri said...

You know that song "paint it black" I think Ozzie ozborn signs it......anyway I sing that all the time but I sing " I see a red door and I want to paint it white." I love white!!! Everything should be white!!!

Love that you have a little shadow! Simone does all those things with me except sew. :) I need to pull out my machine and make her doll a blanket! That is so cute!!

Simply Lavender said...

LOVE the bunkbeds! white is good!
The old mirrors look fab in the potty room. we'll have to keep thinking about that other *diaper changing* space..come up with something wonderful.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of those chubby little hands at the sewing machine!! there's got to be a magazine that would love that picture!!
LOVE Jackson!! he's is the best!
He's just too funny! LOL!


Betheny and Jacob said...

You find the BEST stuff. ;) I need to go on a DI outing with you...but then I think we would fight over pieces... ;) I totally get the crib thing. I took down Ali's lace bassinet (that has been in my room) and I cried...and cried. She's my last and it's SO bittersweet. I have to keep telling myself that "this is a new phase in my life."...and it makes it better until the next wave hits me. ;)