Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I can do hard things!!.

{pictures: by Abbie}
The day started at 4:30am....up and at em........
to get in line to be shuttled by bus to the starting point. We wanted to be up early to make sure we PEED enough
I can't believe I did it!
with OWIE knees and sore toes.....
I Just loved doing it with my sister Keri.
I was so WORTH training all summer. It took every bit of myself, emotionally and physically to cross that Finish line. The tears came on, on Mile 11.
It was ended with a night alone with Mike up in Logan in a Hotel with the biggest jacuzzi tub I have ever seen.
{thank you mom for taking the kids}
I soaked and ate cheese cake with my most favorite person in the world.
And iced my poor knees the whole night.

My brother in law posted some pictures too!
2400 Runners.........Oh the adrenaline!

{good luck to my brother in law who is running the FULL marathon and to keri who is running another half in idaho this weekend}
Keri-----I hope you are in better shape then I.....Im still


Jeri said...

You're back!

I am so proud of you Annie! I loved your pee comment---so funny! My tears would have come on minute 11 not mile 11! Hope your knees are feeling better now.

Tausha said...

So Annie girl-Very impressed! You rock! I could never do it! Ok, lets be honest, I don't ever want to do it. I know a great PT that could help you out with you knees if they r still killing you! Your blog is fabulous, uplifting and awesome! As always! You rock girlie!!

Keri said...

Love your post! What fun sister pics... It was my pleasure to run this race with you, although remember it was your own will that got you through it, which is a great accomplishment. My legs are back to normal..took about 4 days. Sorry about your knees! Get them better...we've got more races to run sister!

Torri P said...

You are seriously AMAZING!!! Way to go! What an accomplishment! And you still look awesome even after you are done running....wish I looked that good after exercising!!

Marvett Smith said...

Way to go Annie! You have inspired me to do better.

P.S.- I looked for you at the Farmer's Market in Ogden. I thought you might have a booth. I was hoping to buy some of your stuff. Your crafting skills rock!

Liseylew said...

we CAN do hard things!!!!!Love you and am soooo proud of you

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yippity, Skippity for you!!!!!!! I love your toes, you are so creative in every way!

Natalie said...

Congrats Annie - that is so impressive. I love how you set a goal and just went for it. YAY for you!!!