Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strong and Wonderful.

Dear Mike,
I know today is hard.
Yesterday was hard.
Tomorrow will be hard.
I can't believe its been one full year since your dads passing.
I just wanted to write you to tell you somethings as I ponder today.----
I know your dad is standing strong and proud.
Of you.
I can describe you in two words.
Strong and Wonderful.
How can he not be so proud?
I know you miss him.
I know you need him.
And I am the ever so lucky one that gets to be there for you.
I found this picture and It reminded me of TODAY.
We can get lost in the world...and sometimes feel lonely,
BUT, if you focus on the center, the foundation, the core...of US and who we are.....
we come to realize just how wonderful life is.
and we are so lucky to know your dad is with us everyday. :)
He loves you.

I love you more today then ever.
And I will love you MORE tomorrow.

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