Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bad day.

We have a case of "bad day-itious" at the Wests today.
Jax begged to stay home from school all morning.
Autumn wasn't feeling 100% and didn't want to go. {truth or not}
But I sent them both.
And now Its just this little one and I.
and we are NOT starting off good.
Non stop crying.
wants to watch fraggle Rock
NOPE, Gabba gabba
NOPE, sesame street
NOPE, barney
NOPE, Toothfairy.
Wont wear a diaper.
Proof I have held her all MORNING!
I have 50 million things to do today.Photobucket
.{love her piggies}.
She's Hungry.
and wants.....
POPCICLE in a bowl.
And Jelly Toast thats cut with a circle cutter.
and placed in a mini bread tin.
Oh, help me!
see....more proof.
She is sitting on me now.
Asking me to draw on paper every person she knows in stick figure form.
and singing the ABC'S.
She skips half the letters....but buts ok!.
I love her little lisp.
bad days aren't fun.
i do not enjoy them.
when I have bad days I either.......
take LONG hot baths with music and candles and yummy soap
shop for shoes or things for my house
decorate and re-do
take pictures
paint my toes.
wear my sweats and cutest socks
Sonic drink anyone?
sing around the house like im famous.
listen to sad songs.
listen to happy songs.
Listen to OLD songs
listen to spazzy songs.
wait, those are things i do when I have a good day.
and BTW...Jax no longer wants to be a tooth fairy. Phew.
He wants to be a Rock star that never gets married.
Girls are dumb.
Except for me, he said I was pretty.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A couple days late.
but who cares. :)
Im thankful for my sisters!!!!
AND im thankful for parents who has took the time every since we were all little to keep us close.
I have 4 best friends.
In family Order it goes....
{right to left}


At Thanksgiving we all did sister gifts to add to the gift my mom always has on our plates.

it was FUN to get 5 little gifts to open! :)


btw...i had 29 peeps at my house.....

WHOA, what a clan! it was AWESOME!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hair and not creepy!

So i saw this girls hair a few weeks back....
and I can't stop thinking about it.
its so sassy and wild......
I hope who ever this is, it doesn't get back to her that I now have these pictures of her on my blog....
needless to say...its kinda creepy of me.
BUT------I'm only doing this for HAIR purpose ONLY!
{even tho she is very darling and ever so stylish}
I have always been a lover for short hair.
and I have SNAIL hair. Grows like an inch a year i swear!
my hair TODAY...is the longest its ever been...................................{and mikey likes it}
so im torn....
CUTE AND SASSY and funky and wild?
long hair.
I say that Like long hair is dumb.
I know its not.
I just don't want to be frumpy and nerdy.
thats all!
{and BTW---Jax wants to be a toothfairy when he grows up...should I be concerned?}

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm thankful for my camera.
and for my eager-ness to learn how to use it.
And Photoshop.
Thankful for my friends who have helped me grow.
Thankful for my husband who bought me my {mark} last year.
Thankful that I can capture forever memories.........
For my family,
other Families.
Thankful for Willing participants,
like ..........Max.
{this is a sneakpeak of my christmas card}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What a beautiful day!
I love when charlee wakes up.
she is ever so cuddley.
I am Thankful for her.
and the hardships that she just LOVES to share with us. {sarcasicly}
Our family would NOT be complete without our little caboose.
I love her Motherly characteristics.
Here she is reading to her friend "puppy" even tho he is a bear.
Shhhhhh don't tell. ;)
We can't get through the day with out a "CHARLEE" moment.
and.......here we go ..........AGAIN!
{thankgoodness its washable markers}
We had to have a talk!
A very long talk.
even tho we knew secretly she was thinking "dad your dumb"
and "Im a very good drawer and artest".
Hope everyone is safe in their homes as this storm passes through.
We did go grocery shopping this morning to be prepared.
i got many nessessities.
like a cute Oil Lamp. ;)
and a cute new blanky so snuggle up with.
and popcicles and gum.
And Mike bought me new brown boots...the ones that go UP to my knees.
see? im prepared!
seriously there wasn't ANY flashlights at walmart....
everyone was in a panic......which threw me in a panic....
Thankful for a warm home............

Monday, November 22, 2010


I think I was trying to hard to think about what I was thankful for today.
I tried to be simple
Think of every day things.
Then I saw Mike go over to the neighbers behind us who are finally moving in.
after we have watched their house be built from ground up.
They are a family that were already in our ward, they just wanted to upsize a tad.
I realized two things as I watched them unload the trucks.... {in the freezing cold}
How Thankful I am for service.
When we moved here....we had 10 men waiting on our drive way ready to help.
I didn't move ONE peice of furniture...or one heavy box.
they all got their trucks and headed to our storage unit to empty it out.
they were done in hours. it was HEAVEN!
and so unexpected!
I love that Mike is so willing to serve.
I am also thankful for Our neighbors.
its a TIGHT net here in our neighborhood.
we are all very protective and close.
How lucky I am!
I also Talked to My sister today on the phone....
she mentioned having gratitude in all things!
So I guess Im thankful for laundry.
all 80 loads i did today.
and atleast 5 more to go......................
I am thankful!
I am thankful !
i am!
i am!
i am!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


well....Mike and I have been SICK today.
Mike up all night.
I did make it to church, but after My lovely Afternoon nap while it snowed outside.
I woke up achy and UPSET!
I can't get sick.
to much to do!!!!!!
One thing i love today is the # 6.
because i have 6 people who i love and care for everyday!
I am Thankful for my family!

Off to sleep!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Little boys!
I love BOYS!
I love this little guy.
and he loves his mom.
I know this, because he tells me how wonderful and pretty I am and that he loves me every day.
I dunno what it will be like when We are no longer fighting dragons and badguys everyday.
Thankful for him!
and Im thankful for this BIG boy who also loves this little boy
and who took him to the Movies today.
{Hi Charlee. did you know its snowing outside? And your naked?}
she doesn't care.
why would she care?
she does what she wants anyways.
Im thankful for SNOW!
i love snow!
and I am thankful for a warm home thats cozy!
I am infact listening to Michael Buble and Colbie Caillat Christmas. :)
right now!!!!
Im a happy girl.
Blogging in quiet.....
christmas music.....seriously....
3 of my favorite things.
Another thankful:
29 misc plates stacked ready for thanksgiving day.
29 lovelies at MY house. + 1 dog!
I have been searching for 29 mix matched plates for my tables.
who wants matching? NOT ME!!!!
i also have 29 gobblets.......
I found these 6 today. Love.
Im doing a fun "Thankful" tomorrow......
stay tuned--------

Friday, November 19, 2010


Jax has been throwing up for two days.
he is better.
And now its Charlee's turn. :(
Sooo.....They are playing blocks together with a throw up bowl close by.
Im thankful for
their friendship they have with each other.
they are protective and loving.
Jackson will take the brunt if that means charlee won't get into trouble.
{can't say charlee will return the favor...ha!}
They will be long life friends!
Im thankful for this thanksgiving week.
I love thanksgiving week.
Not only do I decorate for Christmas.....
but Mike is home ALL WEEK this year!

Thursday, November 18, 2010



diet coke
White Coconut
& lime!.
you will be addicted too!!!!!!!

and old navy coupons!
i got one for TODAY ONLY....go here
THIS SITE IS the best!
thanks Amie for shareing.
Subscribe to their email and you get the coolest info ever.
I have saved so much money so far for the ho ho ho day!
happy me!
Im thankful for deals.
Im a barganer.........through and through!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Im thankful I got asked to help out with Afterschool Snacks.

it helps keep good kids together as friends.


Which is EVER so important for teenagers right now.




I had to add another one today.

toooo many things. :)

Coolest picture huh.
I didn't realize how cool till i pulled it up in photoshop.
I thought this morning.........
Im thankful for this guy.
He helps me see ME, and helps me be a better me.
I look up to him more then he knows.
so through HIM........I have been able to make changes within myself.
Love this man!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am thankful that its possible to eat dinner as a family.
I have made this a goal a few months ago.
dinners more organized and planned out. :)
We started a tradition to go around the table one by one and we say:
What was our favorite part of the day?
What was something we learned today?
And how do we feel right now?
We usually end up having to say TWO prayers.
as Charlee has to say it every time!
I love my family.
and I try and dedicate my day and organize properly so family dinners stay a priority.