Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What a beautiful day!
I love when charlee wakes up.
she is ever so cuddley.
I am Thankful for her.
and the hardships that she just LOVES to share with us. {sarcasicly}
Our family would NOT be complete without our little caboose.
I love her Motherly characteristics.
Here she is reading to her friend "puppy" even tho he is a bear.
Shhhhhh don't tell. ;)
We can't get through the day with out a "CHARLEE" moment.
and.......here we go ..........AGAIN!
{thankgoodness its washable markers}
We had to have a talk!
A very long talk.
even tho we knew secretly she was thinking "dad your dumb"
and "Im a very good drawer and artest".
Hope everyone is safe in their homes as this storm passes through.
We did go grocery shopping this morning to be prepared.
i got many nessessities.
like a cute Oil Lamp. ;)
and a cute new blanky so snuggle up with.
and popcicles and gum.
And Mike bought me new brown boots...the ones that go UP to my knees.
see? im prepared!
seriously there wasn't ANY flashlights at walmart....
everyone was in a panic......which threw me in a panic....
Thankful for a warm home............


Jeri said...

I love how prepared you are! I went "panic shopping" last year and got fruits and vegetables! Yup, I got teased about that! I looked at a million boots today---I wanted all of them! Take a picture of your new pair. :)

Charlee is an artist! And a decorator... See how well the color matches your green wall? It was planned!

Love your thankful posts!

Shelley Hansen said...

I love the long talk pics...She has a good daddy!!!