Tuesday, November 9, 2010

when I grow up..............

When I grow up I wanna fix things Like dad.
Fixing mom's vacumn, wearing Jackson Boxers!
Inserting a new outlet in Our closet.
{we are putting in a small fridge ...i know, we are lame..lol}
Anywhere Mike is, Charlee is.
She LOVES to "Fix it"
Its been nice having mike home for 3 weeks. :)
Vacation over......and back to work....waaaaa!!!!!
I dunno how Miss Charlee will do..........
She whimpers and cries when he is not RIGHT by her side.
I guess its back to MORE projects for me........{evil laugh}
Happy Note:
I get to send my Daughters to TWO amazing places tonight.
Autumn: Baptisms for the Dead.
Abbie: gets to go hang out with G'pa and Cousins up in Logan and go listen to Larry Gelwix
[the Real forever strong coach]
He is speaking up there.......and its going to be AMAZING!!
and much needed for teens now a days!
Speaking of Teens.
This is hard stuff. :)

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Shelley Hansen said...

She is soooooo cute!!!