Saturday, November 13, 2010

BIG 80's hair!

Im sitting here typing in 80's clothes, and HUGE wing hair.
remember the wings?
We are going to a 80's Birthday Party with some friends in our ward.
I will post pictures...promise.
You wont wanna miss this hair and blue eyeshadow. ;)
But what I did today was SUPER!
Dropped Autumn and a friend off to do baptisms again...{I think she is hooked}
then swung over to the DI to see if I could find some Thanksgiving treasures for My table.
and I did.
BUT...................what I also found was......
Please no attempts to steal them. :)
they are OLD...and lovely!
Im calling them Old Ice cream parlor stools? ya? someone?
Can't decide to spray paint them ? or leave them............
So while Mike watched the Utah Utes Game.....
Shut up...right?
no one can come over to my house anymore.....
cuz this is too cute!
maybe I should do a tutorial on how to make them?
for I will be making one for every Kidding!
but I will be making a christmas one, Since Im decorating for christmas next week.
don't judge.


Brad and Jamie said...

I love the new stools! Totally cute. And don't be afraid to decorate for Christmas next week. I put up one (of two) trees today.....but I did leave my window blinds closed because I was a little embarrassed. Oh well.

Torri P said...

LOVE the stools.....also, would LOVE the tutorial on the cute window hanging!!

Candice said...

Those stools are fantastic!! Love the garland too!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

If you don't want the stools STOLEN, then don't post them!! Consider them STOLEN, cause they are to CUTE!!! I totally sat on those at my Grandma's house when I was younger ... I wonder where hers are?!?
Tutorial ... YES PLEASE!!!!