Monday, November 8, 2010


I really wanted a MAC.
but.......i still saved all my pennies and bought a MUCHLY needed new set up. :)
Even a new printer/fax.
Seriously it doesn't take much to Thrill
This 27 inch monitor is heavenly with Photoshop. {big grin}
The kids are NOT allowed on it. No Touchie.
{big grin}
they get my laptop to do all their shinanigines. :)
I love the new windows 7.
I can leave sticky notes on my screen........
hummm......this could be fun.
Windy fall day at My mom's.
Hi Little charlee.
I Love this weather today.
i love rain.
Tonight is Soup night.
Another favorite.
Bring on christmas..............


~Ali~ said...

That screen is the ShiZnIt!!! Holy SmoLY! loveit! Looks great! No touchy is RIGHT! Yeeehaw for new puter stuff!

And soup sounds yum! I wanna make my moms chicken cheese soup with bread bowls! YUM!

Jeri said...

LOVE! Wanna know my favorite part of this post? My Christmas card in the top corner of the picture! Silly me.

The fall color is amazing! Love that tree, but I am glad isn't not in my yard! That is a lot of clean up. =)

{A}nnie said...

lol---Jeri---know what?
I have hung it in the same place all YEAR!! because i have loved it so much....
funny that you noticed that itty bitty thing in the corner!

Torri P said...

i just got windows 7 too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sticky notes!! Thats where i put my todo list each day! Can't misplace that!