Friday, November 12, 2010

good tabs....bad tabs!

I have to keep tabs on this girl!
so i can PROVE in the future!
You know those Small little plastic cups?
when I say little, i ones, the ones that fit PREFECTLY into the toliet hole when flushed. {thanks child # 4}
after many overflowed toliet water on my floor and every house hold item i could think of to retreive this little cup that was SUCKED right in.......I GOT IT!
{thanks max for licking up the toliet water}
i didn't want to pay a roter rooter $100.
What I did as the last resort was bend a knife....and STABBED a hole through the cup, which in return released the tight suction it had...and floated right up to me. :)
I heard the choir sing.
im so smart!
Charlee could have cared less.....infact I walked in to find that she peed on the couch.
oh what a lovely day.
Altho I fixed my own Sink Disposal this myself.
Im pretty handy, ya know.......
some little bits of information My dad taught me were NOT thrown out.....:)
I did have a small ounce of happiness today...
when I found these messages on the girls mirror.
Sista's forever.
We are Stars.
you are beautiful.
remember who you are.
I then had to add one.
"Start your day off right------ Pray to be strong"
Love, Mom.
What I should have put was---------
and I need a babysitter so me and dad can go out tonight.
But I didn't.


Simply Lavender said...

What a great post!
Geesh Annie...why don't you just be Mrs. Fix It!! way to go! :)
your dad will be proud!
LUV the mirror messages! So fun!
And Miss C....what can I say??
Gotta love her little free spirit!!
She just puts bubbles in my day!


Natalie said...

I love your writings on the mirror idea - so cute and clever. Thanks for letting me peak into your fun life through your blog - wish I got to hang out with you more - you are such a Cool CHIC!!!! :)