Sunday, November 28, 2010


A couple days late.
but who cares. :)
Im thankful for my sisters!!!!
AND im thankful for parents who has took the time every since we were all little to keep us close.
I have 4 best friends.
In family Order it goes....
{right to left}


At Thanksgiving we all did sister gifts to add to the gift my mom always has on our plates.

it was FUN to get 5 little gifts to open! :)


btw...i had 29 peeps at my house.....

WHOA, what a clan! it was AWESOME!

3 comments: said...

I don't have any sisters and you have 4. How unfair is that! Your gift exchange sounds amazing, what did you get? And I'm dieing to see what your mothers gift was.

Happy Hollidays and having more fun then anyone in the state.

big hugs

Jeri said...

Love those sisters! Your table looks fantasic, but mostly...I am dying over your dress!!!!! I love it! You look like the cutest thanksgiving host I've ever seen! Glad you had such a blast. :)

You could totally pull off that sassy hair btw! I do think your hair looks extra cute in these photos too! Win win situation either way.

Shelley Hansen said...

Sister are great!! Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving!!