Tuesday, November 9, 2010

down in PB!

people kept asking us how we are enjoying "PB"?.
and are we going to be staying here in "PB" the whole time?
We just kept playing along like we knew what they were saying.
pacific beach.....DUH!
so we kinda made a joke out of it since then......
Here is a pic of Mike and I out on a paddle boat.
you can see how CLOSE our hotel was to the shore.........this boat sailed by and it made for a perfect picture!! :)
we did ALOT of poseing for the camera with the timer.......
I was WAY TO FREAKED out giving my camera to strangers!!
This game was INSANE!
way noisy and so MANY PEOPLE.
alot dressed in Halloween costumes.
I went as a simple chargers fan....good enough right?
This was probually Our MOST favorite part.
riding the Beach cruisers up and down the boardwalk and all over the little roads.
I think i would fit right in here.
I should have brough my beach cruiser, it Definatly would be the cutest by far......lol
{my bikes cuter then your bike}
is what I would whisper.......
April can't come soon enough till we go back!!!!!!!!


Shelley Hansen said...

How much fun is that!!! You two look amazing!!

Jeri said...

What a fun trip! Love that pic of you on the bike...that hat is so cute!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Your going BACK!!! By yourselves??? LUCKY!!!! JEALOUSY is NOW setting in!!!! You guys totally would fit in, riding your beach cruisers, looking cuter than CUTE itself!!! I wanna trip like that with my HUBBY!!!