Saturday, November 20, 2010


Little boys!
I love BOYS!
I love this little guy.
and he loves his mom.
I know this, because he tells me how wonderful and pretty I am and that he loves me every day.
I dunno what it will be like when We are no longer fighting dragons and badguys everyday.
Thankful for him!
and Im thankful for this BIG boy who also loves this little boy
and who took him to the Movies today.
{Hi Charlee. did you know its snowing outside? And your naked?}
she doesn't care.
why would she care?
she does what she wants anyways.
Im thankful for SNOW!
i love snow!
and I am thankful for a warm home thats cozy!
I am infact listening to Michael Buble and Colbie Caillat Christmas. :)
right now!!!!
Im a happy girl.
Blogging in quiet.....
christmas music.....seriously....
3 of my favorite things.
Another thankful:
29 misc plates stacked ready for thanksgiving day.
29 lovelies at MY house. + 1 dog!
I have been searching for 29 mix matched plates for my tables.
who wants matching? NOT ME!!!!
i also have 29 gobblets.......
I found these 6 today. Love.
Im doing a fun "Thankful" tomorrow......
stay tuned--------

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oops! said...

Annie! I loved the mismatched dishes! We just had a Breakfast for the all the Y.W. Presidents in our Stake and I do have fruit bowls that all match - I opted for mismatched, so much cuter!