Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bad day.

We have a case of "bad day-itious" at the Wests today.
Jax begged to stay home from school all morning.
Autumn wasn't feeling 100% and didn't want to go. {truth or not}
But I sent them both.
And now Its just this little one and I.
and we are NOT starting off good.
Non stop crying.
wants to watch fraggle Rock
NOPE, Gabba gabba
NOPE, sesame street
NOPE, barney
NOPE, Toothfairy.
Wont wear a diaper.
Proof I have held her all MORNING!
I have 50 million things to do today.Photobucket
.{love her piggies}.
She's Hungry.
and wants.....
POPCICLE in a bowl.
And Jelly Toast thats cut with a circle cutter.
and placed in a mini bread tin.
Oh, help me!
see....more proof.
She is sitting on me now.
Asking me to draw on paper every person she knows in stick figure form.
and singing the ABC'S.
She skips half the letters....but buts ok!.
I love her little lisp.
bad days aren't fun.
i do not enjoy them.
when I have bad days I either.......
take LONG hot baths with music and candles and yummy soap
shop for shoes or things for my house
decorate and re-do
take pictures
paint my toes.
wear my sweats and cutest socks
Sonic drink anyone?
sing around the house like im famous.
listen to sad songs.
listen to happy songs.
Listen to OLD songs
listen to spazzy songs.
wait, those are things i do when I have a good day.
and BTW...Jax no longer wants to be a tooth fairy. Phew.
He wants to be a Rock star that never gets married.
Girls are dumb.
Except for me, he said I was pretty.


Natalie said...

Annie - why are you so stinkin' cute??? Still need a Sonic drink? Iceburg??? You made me want to take a bubble bath and wear fun socks. Hope you get to fit that in :) Miss your cuteness!!!

~Ali~ said...

It must be going around....the not wanting to go to school. Jadynn faked it on Monday. she swore up and down that she wasn't faking until yesterday we caught her saying it! haha BUSTED!
Hope you have better days to come! You know what would be an AWESOME day??? a CRAFT day! hee hee Love your bum and guts! ror

Plain City Dickamores said...

Wow!! what a great mom you are. Those are the days when Jason comes home I leave the house and take a nice long drive by Myself:)

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Bad days SUCK!! Sorry your day was crumby yesterday, I hope decorating a DARLING table for RS helped!!! Hope today is a FABULOUS day!!!