Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Im thankful I got asked to help out with Afterschool Snacks.

it helps keep good kids together as friends.


Which is EVER so important for teenagers right now.




I had to add another one today.

toooo many things. :)

Coolest picture huh.
I didn't realize how cool till i pulled it up in photoshop.
I thought this morning.........
Im thankful for this guy.
He helps me see ME, and helps me be a better me.
I look up to him more then he knows.
so through HIM........I have been able to make changes within myself.
Love this man!


~Ali~ said...

I wish our neighborhood did an afterschool snack thing like that! Jadynn still doesn't know many kids that live closer to us....heck I don't really know anyone either. Our ward isn't the friendly-est. :/ Oh well.

And I don't think that Mike realizes how many people besides you and your kids look up to him! I always have and always will. He is one of the best men on the planet. I love him tons and tons! He's a GRRRREAT brother! Big MUAH to you both!

Marvett Smith said...

Awesome photo Annie!

Torri P said...

i LOVE this photo!! Its amazing!! I also love the after school snack idea! I think when my kids start jr High, I may have to start that tradition!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

That photo is AWESOME!!! I love every little bit of it!! You are VERY talented!!!

A&J Bunderson said...

I love the after school snacks.
You are so creative and are a wonderful photographer.

Shelley Hansen said...

That is a very cool picture!!!
You are great!
Husbands are the best!!