Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am one of those people.

Ya know the ones who puts christmas up before thanksgiving.
Annie's thoughts on that:
Thanksgiving and Christmas are one.
its the "'holidays"
where we feel the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas through November and December.
i hate that there has to be rules on this matter.
who care if you put it up before thanksgiving. It doesn't mean your Skipping Thanksgiving.
its ALL ONE!
a time to reflect on
The Im thankful's
and the BIG man above. :)
now, THAT being said..............
I had a dream.
a very vivid dream.....of me decorating my tree.
and using NOTHING store bought.
I made my dream come true.
I woke up and wrote down all that I could remember....
so here is my tree. :)
{one day it will be large}
I printed off Old sheet music i found online.
ripped the sides and rolled them.
I created these birds and old record player with notes in my photoshop
and printed them, ripped them and glued them into harder cardboard.
Then sewed black lace ruffels on them....
I made black silk Ruffle garland.
I made Burlap mini flag garland.
I made 1, 2, 3, 4, ornaments {4 kids member}
and a mini "West" banner.
and little tulle balls here and there.
The end!
its needs more stuff.........i will see what tonights dreams are.. :)
Totally 80's.
I love the 80's...............remember the sweatshirts worn inside out? and


Megan said...

Thanksgiving and Christmas ARE the holidays. I agree and have never thought of it that way!! My kids always beg for me to put up the decorations like, NOW but I hold off until the day after Thanksgiving. I say do what you want! I don't have that many Thanksgiving decorations anyway......

Shelley Hansen said...

I just got a Roger Whittaker CD...My mom and dad used to play it when we were kids..Just hearing makes me think of being little and being at home!!! I love Love LOVE this time of year!!!

Shellie said...

I agree with your kind of thinking! They are both the same and why not enjoy what you work so hard to put up for a few months. Kids love it, and we aren't young forever! :0) Love your tree, so cute!.