Friday, November 5, 2010



I am still rummaging through all my San Diego Pictures.
I have to say........
I like this one. :)
A lot.
{I hope mike doesn't kill me, I don't wanna die today}
I'm getting them all in order so I can print a book of our trip.
Believe me, i will be posting more.
these pictures make my heart sing.

Can you hear the Ocean Water?


~Ali~ said...

I sure wish I saw that brother of mine more...I miss him terribly! Looks like a great trip! Ryan and I need one of those!

Mike said...

yup. your gonna die.... Sorry Ali just been lazy.

Jeri said...

I love that you posted this.

You'll love it someday Mike...maybe when your 70 and you don't look like that anymore. =)

I am glad you two have each other.

Plain City Dickamores said...

i always hear the ocean:) sounds like your trip was amazing!!

Shelley Hansen said...

nice pic...:)

Stueller said...

Miss seeing you on facebook so I had to stop by over here. So jealous you got to go to San Diego...