Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am thankful that its possible to eat dinner as a family.
I have made this a goal a few months ago.
dinners more organized and planned out. :)
We started a tradition to go around the table one by one and we say:
What was our favorite part of the day?
What was something we learned today?
And how do we feel right now?
We usually end up having to say TWO prayers.
as Charlee has to say it every time!
I love my family.
and I try and dedicate my day and organize properly so family dinners stay a priority.


Jeri said...

Are you on the PHONE in that picture?! Teasing- I know you're not!

I am so impressed! The table even looks beautiful!

{A}nnie said...

jeri, i was actually looking at my splitends.....HA!


Candice said...

That's really nice! I agree that family dinners are very important!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm excited that you did! You asked where I got the Keep Calm and Gobble on so here is the link:


Morgan Greaves said...

I think it is pretty amazing that you eat dinner together! How awesome to form those strong family bonds. I love it!

Shelley Hansen said...

Family dinners are so very important!! It is how we stay connected in this very busy world!!