Thursday, November 11, 2010

us girls!

It was Night Of Excellence last night at the church for the YW.
was sad mike was working....
but it ended up to be a nice night with just us girls. :)
we had a YUMMY dinner and some GREAT talks.
Autumn sang with her two friends. It was so pretty!
Charlee ended up being naughty....pretty much stripped down to nakedness and ran around loudly like she owned the place.
Everyone just laughed, for they soooooooooooooo KNOW Charlee!
{like Abbies Glasses?} kids are crazy these days!
but i just ADORE that she isn't afraid to be her!
My Project was My afterschool snacks. :)
The girls Were how to RE-DO/RE-MAKE something you already have into something NEW.
they sewed them ...all ALONE!
way to go GIRLS!!!
I am so proud of them!!
raising teens is HARD STUFF....
They do make mistakes...but don't we ALL?
we just tug a little tighter and redirect back on the path......
sure aint easy somedays!!!!
But its OUR responsibility to do so!
cuz if we don't.....who will?
The things they are faced with EVERY SINGLE DAY just blows my mind!!!
ya, she is doing so good.....when SHE wants.
I hope the package of diapers i bought today is the LAST that I ever buy!
oh please oh please oh please!!!
but she likes to MOON me now...i guess easy access with panties...whatev.
Here is My record player I bought a while back....all painted...
i love it, I bought .25 records at the DI.
and play them all day!
love love love the sound of a record player!
kinda nerdy...................and don't care.
your print came!!!
i took this at my mom's house.....
and then printed it.
its so pretty!
all christmas-y and stuff.........
i have a cold sore as big as China!


Simply Lavender said...

L.U.V. it all!!!!!
What a wonderful night!
Abbie's glasses are awesome! so her!
Your display was darling!
LUV, LUV, LUV my christmas pic!!AH!!
Charlee is charlee! ror!!

Plain City Dickamores said...

What a great night! I love records, we grew up listening to them, my dad was a DJ at the college radio station and we had tons of records!!!

Jeri said...

Dear Annie,

You are amazing. Seriously amazing! I am so lucky that I get to read your blog and get inspired by you all the time. It makes all the miles between us seem so much smaller. One day when my littles are teenagers...I will carry around a copy of your blog as a guide book.

Love you to bits,