Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Place.

Im kinda addicted.
To making pillows.
Im making them for every place you lay or sit on.
BUT, i may not be making any round ones anytime soon. Many swear words. :)

She loves my bed.
Lays there all morning watching Mickey mouse club house and Yo gabba gabba.
can I blame her?
I want to lay there all morning too.

I love having a pretty bed.
and I actually MAKE IT in the mornings...........pat on the back for me.
for all those who wanted to know the paint color.?
its "Swan Sea" By Behr at Home depot.
Mike actually picked it out. Pretty good eh?

I got My print today of Mike and I on the Golf cart Kissing.
Love it.
Mike is gunna make a frame for it....and I have the perfect spot in our room.

I feel so spoiled making my bedroom a beautiful place to be.
but----if we think about it? its the MOST important place....
where we wind down at night.
get rejuvenated for the day to come.
feel refreshed.
and share our hearts.
why wouldn't we want it a beautiful place to be. :)

Its time to make changes!!


Megan said...

LUV it all! What did you stuff your pillows with? I have made some before and soon they are FLAT and yucky. But, we use them while we watch tv or whatever, so maybe that is not helping.....hmmmmm! My bedroom needs help.......... said...

Hi cutie, I had to catch up on with all your posts. My summer has taken me away from blogging and creating and I've missed visiting you. I love your pillows, I'm a pillow nut as well. That bannana split treat was extra special. I love, love, love my bedroom too, I agree with you totally. Your color is great and I love that bench at the foot of you cool bed.

Your golf picture was toooooo fun! and the one of you marathon. Your amazing, your mother and sisters are all darling. Please tell them all hello for me.


Shelley Hansen said...

K- cute!!! Patting you on the back for making your bed!!! :)

Holli said...

Did you make the bed spread too? Are the bench and door in the bedroom the same color as wall. You know I had already planned on painting atleast one of the walls in my bedroom about that color, I just am more of a procrastinator than you.