Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wanna go BACK...........

I loved the beach.....Luved it MORE then Disneyland.....
I wanna go back. So bad!
It was the best weather EVER!

One pic from California Adventure......
I have SO many pictures I will have to post a few at a time :)
The drive wasn't that bad....we drove to VEGAS {many funny stories to tell}
and stayed there the first night....
We just kept giving charlee food to keep her happy!
One FUNNY Jackson Minute: {i have so many}
We saw weener dogs at the beach.....Autumn says WHAT CUTE WEENER DOGS!
5 or 10 MINUTES later Jackson says:
Look dad a WEENER
{he didnt get it..}
more to come----


~Ali~ said...

Okay...I am offically jealous!!! WWAAAAAAAA!! I wanna go! I love the pics at the beach! I was starting to wonder if tou had forgotten your camera...there weren't any pics coming! haha They look great!! I'm glad you guys had fun...kinda! haha And Jackson...what can you say??? He is just the best kid ever! ;o)

Simply Lavender said...

I remember so many California trips and the beach was always one of the highlights. Pretty soon we wised up and stopped paying a fortune for all those fancy-dancy theme park fee and spent most of our time at the beach! Especially as you girls got always loved the beach. (and shopping of course...) :)
So glad you had such a wonderfully fab family time trip!

Will be waiting for more fun pics and Jackson moments!


Heidi said...

Jackson cracks me up! Seriously, that is funny! I bet he loves this vacation!
Can't wait for more fun pics!

Tanada said...

How much fun. So glad you enjoyed your trip. Our Disney was tiring, but I'd probably still say I wanna go back too. It's good to have you back, we missed you.

Jeri said...

Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see more.

I can't stop laughing about the weener bird! Totally funny!

I love the beach too! Lincoln told me he was going to visit one of our favorite beaches in Oregon with some of his free time there. I started to cry!!! I want to move back there!

Megan said...

I am jealous too. Big time! LOL! I wanna go so bad. We might go and so we are crossing our fingers for a tax refund that is rockin'. (Ours are so complicated we still haven't filed.) Next year we will be back to paying again since we are doing the self-employed thing once more. I am glad you went and I keep staring at the beach pictures. **Sigh**

Shelley Hansen said...

You all look great. The beach is great. How funny is that... weenier bird.. haha

Keri said...

Lovin' those pictures Annie -- especially Charlee's cheesy squinty grin! Great times, great memories!

We need to get our boys back there!